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But I would reiterate that it is really a huge competitive advantage for us that we can invest across the cycles
This transformation will reduce legacy complexity and technical debt, enable more cost effective back-office operations, and drive growth and innovation, ultimately helping the company provide more affordable and personalized insurance solutions for families and businesses
This will increase the effectiveness of its digital marketing programs, drive more traffic to its branded website, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, all while reducing costs
This self-funded program is expected to generate significant productivity gains with ongoing savings fueling further capability builds and bottom-line growth
Security is also essential to a digital core, and we continue to see very strong double-digit growth in our security business this quarter
Demand continued to accelerate in Q1 with over $450 million in GenAI sales
Our cloud momentum continued in Q1 with strong double-digit growth, reflecting the ongoing significant market opportunity
And finally, we expanded adjusted operating margin by 20 basis points and delivered adjusted EPS growth of 6%, while continuing to invest in our business and our people
And that is why we do actions like we did last year to increase our business resilience and enable us to be really well positioned to invest when others are not
So, we really see our strength being that our managed services are strategic
Song demand continues to remain strong with double-digit growth in Q1
Finally, we continue to see strong demand for digital manufacturing and engineering services
Industry X grew strong double digits in Q1
Together, we plan to create a new data and AI-driven shared services model and a scaled, commercially-driven and more efficient organization with higher-quality services and enhanced speed to market for its portfolio of offerings
You saw that we did that in the first year after the pandemic, where we significantly increased, and again, always to drive organic growth and position ourselves for those next waves
Accenture's deep understanding of the McDonald's business, industry and technology will help unlock opportunities in their ongoing digital investments as McDonald's reinvents the customer experience and stays ahead of their customers' changing needs
Our clients want to get out of proofs of concept to material value, and we're super well positioned
And so, we're very positive about that business growing
Clients are continuing to prioritize the digital core as evidenced by strong demand for cloud migration
So, we've got a good team
So, we're able to flex up and do inorganic to the degree that we see that we'd like to, while at the same time, continuing to increase our return to our shareholders
You see that with our strong start this quarter
And as you heard us say, we were really pleased with our Q1 performance
We recently achieved our highest brand value and rank to date on Interbrand's prestigious Best Global Brands list, increasing to $21.3 billion and ranking number 30
And again, just reinforcing that we do see fuel in our sequential growth in the back half of the year based on the transformation deals that we have signed
We were recognized for the seventh year in a row on the Wall Street Journal list of Best-Managed Companies for excellence in customer satisfaction, employee engagement and development, innovation, social responsibility, and financial strength
What I would tell is give you the year-over-year way we look at it in terms of our guidance, right? So, we had 1% growth this quarter with strong bookings, right, 1% revenue growth with strong bookings
We see low-single-digit positive growth for the full year
Again, reiterating what we talked about at the beginning of the year versus our results in Q1, so we're confident, again, that we were able to deliver across the board as we expected in the first quarter
So, we're really very pleased to reiterate the 2% to 5% revenue guidance that we had at the beginning of the year

Bearish Statements during earnings call

Our business in the UK in particular, in Q1, saw even greater challenges than we expected last quarter
As expected, we saw continued pressure in our CMT industry group
As expected, we continue to see lower discretionary spend, which particularly impacts our consulting type of work as well as slower decision making and our CMT industry group continues to be challenged
And banking capital markets, which we've talked about, has been more challenged, particularly in the UK
I know the economy has been weak there for a couple years
In North America, revenue declined 1% in local currency
Because we gave you guidance, so it's down definitely more than 2%
Before I continue, I want to note that in Q1, we recorded $140 million in costs associated with our business optimization actions, which decreased operating margin by 90 basis points and EPS by $0.17
The lower -- a little trouble in the line
And Q1 came in as we expected, which was negative 2%
But that's why when you think about the question earlier on revenue conversion, our level of smaller deals is just down
It did decelerate meaningfully
dollars and a decline of 2% in local currency
This assumes the impact of FX will be about negative 0.5% compared to the second quarter of fiscal '23 and reflects an estimated negative 2% to positive 2% growth in local currency
Look, you guys have obviously managed well through what was a softer discretionary demand environment
What exactly happened in the UK? And then, what's the outlook for that? Julie Sweet In the UK, as you said it, it has been kind of challenge for a couple of years, and we have a big banking capital markets business there, and we're really trying to pivot to more growth there in other areas
And just as a quick follow-up, what should we expect in terms of second quarter bookings for consulting and management -- managed services year-over-year? I know managed services has a particularly tough comp
These risks and uncertainties could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in this call
It's going to stay down for a while, which means that how revenues going to -- how sales are going to bleed into revenue is going to be consistent with what we've been seeing
I mean, it's still -- I think it's still a bit decelerating

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