Pivot Points

This article explains what Pivot Points are and how they're calculated. Its a very good way to set your entry and exit points when swing trading and day trading.

Pivot Point 379.60
1st Level Resistance 383.39
2nd Level Resistance 385.80
3rd Level Resistance 389.59
1st Level Support 377.19
2nd Level Support 373.40
3rd Level Support 370.99

14 Day RSI

This article explains what RSI (Relative Strength Index) is and how they're calculated. High RSI usually indicates a cooling down or a dip in the price of stock. When the stock is in overbought territory there is a good chance of an uptick after.

RSI at 80% 420.25
RSI at 70% 391.83
RSI at 50% 369.09
RSI at 30% 330.49
RSI at 20% 282.24

High Low Close

High/Low and Close is an indicator of the volatility of the price in a given day.

High 382.00
Low 375.80
Close 380.99
Previous Close 374.78