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Our cash flows were very strong throughout 2023 with our fourth quarter net cash provided by operations at $30 million
So we're very positive on where the value-based program is going and we'll continue to invest in it
We were pleased to see positive year-over-year trends in our hospice business during the fourth quarter with increases in revenue, average daily census, length of stay, patient days, and revenue per patient day inclusive of our Tennessee Quality Care acquisition
We are optimistic that we will see additional attractive acquisition opportunities in 2024, as we gain more clarity on pending reimbursement issues and other regulatory changes that could affect Addus and our industry
With our strong cash flow, we have continued to pay down debt in 2023 and reduced our revolver balance by an additional $40 million in the fourth quarter
The integration process has gone as expected and we are excited about the opportunities to serve more patients in this strategically important market
Although some of the federal financial support to states have been reduced, we feel confident that personal care services continue to show true value to the state's various state Medicaid programs as well as our managed care partners, and we expect the support for our services to continue
For the year, Personal Care revenues were up 12.1% compared with the prior year, a record annual rate of growth for Addus
Our results were driven by robust demand for our services, led by 11.2% year-over-year organic growth in personal care services revenue, well above our normal expected range of 3% to 5%
Addus had a very strong financial and operating performance for the fourth quarter, marking a strong finish to a record year
During 2023, we continued to experience strong cash flow from operations as our states and other payers have continued to pay in a timely manner
We expect with the strong admission volumes that we've seen over the past couple of quarters, that'll start translating into some ADC growth
And then also, we're really focused now on the -- both the backfill acquisition opportunities we're seeing, as well as some of the larger opportunities we expect to see, which could take us into new markets for Addus, but in such a manner that would start in a material way, because we believe the large providers -- as I stated in our script, we believe the large providers are going to have a tremendous benefit in the personal care side as this rule -- if this rule is ever put into place
As expected, the addition of the Tennessee Quality Care operations created a higher overall proportion of clinical services and had a resulting positive impact on gross margin
This will not only allow those providers to spread their cost over a larger revenue base, but also will provide more opportunity for meaningful patient advocacy within the state in which they operate
We believe the heightened awareness of the value of home-based care is favorable for our industry and will continue to be a growth opportunity for our company
During the fourth quarter, we continued to experience solid results related to our ability to hire caregivers, especially in our Personal Care segment
And so as we continue to work through the comments of the rule and look at our own situation of how we would operate if the rule at various aspects are put in, we become very bullish on the fact that this industry is going to continue to grow
In addition to our strong hiring numbers, we saw a 30 basis point improvement in our starts per business day as compared to the fourth quarter of 2022
We are more positive about the Medicaid Access rule
We got some very positive working capital tailwind, I think, on our cash flow in '23
We are excited about this technology as it will allow us to increase both the scale and efficiency of our value-based programs, which we believe is important as we continue to further develop these type of relationships with our large payers
As we continue to experience strong cash flows, particularly in our Personal Care segment, we have benefited from a lower implicit price concession requirement and saw this impact us positively in the fourth quarter, which contributed to our higher gross margin
In addition, as I noted, we've been able to help with the improvement of HEDIS scores and the closure of care gaps relating to these patients
This impressive growth reflects both higher volumes as well as the benefit of ongoing rate support for our Personal Care services
These results highlight another strong year of financial performance by Addus
And then when you're looking at the hours piece, we have seen improvement in what we call our service percentage or fill rate
As I had mentioned earlier, we believe that the large providers of personal care services in states will have a significant advantage to continue operating effectively at scale and expanding market share
We are excited to see our investments in hiring and scheduling optimization initiatives taking hold and contributing to our strong sequential hours growth over the past several quarters
Exclusive of the retroactive positive impact from collective bargaining negotiations, our gross margin percentage was 33% for the fourth quarter of 2023, an increase of 100 basis points sequentially and slightly above expectation

Bearish Statements during earnings call

Same store revenue for our Home Health services, which was 6.2% of our business, was down 17.8% from the same period a year ago
Our Home Health segment same store revenue decreased 17.8% over the same quarter in 2022 as we continued to reduce admissions from payers that do not currently reimburse us adequate rates to cover our cost
I mean, even in our business, as we've seen it, while we've struggled with things such as making sure we could hire enough caregivers, that's been a challenge the last couple of years
Sequentially, our hires per day was slightly lower than the third quarter of this year, which was not unexpected due to the normal slowdown during the holiday season
For the first quarter of 2024, we expect our gross margin percentage to be negatively impacted by our annual merit increases and the normal annual reset of payroll taxes, as well as the expected compression we previously discussed from certain collective bargaining negotiations
And we're still at times, struggling with some of the things that have occurred, as far as trying to get back to that normal rate
While we did see sequential growth in same store admissions of 2.7% between the third quarter and fourth quarter, our ADC declined slightly between the quarters on a higher number of discharges
Obviously, that's not sustainable long term
Cumulatively, we expect these items to contribute a decline sequentially of approximately 140 basis points compared to the fourth quarter of 2023
Many comments were submitted expressing concern toward the proposed 80% compensation requirement to be implemented by states within a four-year period
In the meantime, we have limited certain admissions due to the lower contract rates
Additionally, we anticipate our implicit price concession to return to a more normal level in the first quarter, resulting in an additional 30 basis points of compression from the fourth quarter of 2023
While median length of stay was lower than the third quarter, we were not surprised due to the expected seasonality from the holiday season
I mean, we had 3.1 -- 3.5% growth while our ADC was down
You're right on just -- typical seasonality with payroll taxes and merits, we typically see our lowest margin in Q1
Dirk, maybe as I think about your M&A philosophy, I understand obviously staying on the sidelines right now, given the regulatory uncertainty
And -- while during the pandemic, we saw that shift and mainly get price increases as far as our growth, we have seen that start to revert back to normal
And we don't expect that to continue
There'll be legal challenges and other things that will go through
As most home health providers have experienced, we continue to be affected by the movement of Medicare beneficiaries from Medicare Fee-For-Service to Medicare Advantage

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