Latest Patents

Patents imply intellectual property and it has a $ value that can be associated depending on the field and type of patent that is allocated. Patents also increase the enterprise value of the company and help prevent copy-cats from copying the idea without having royalt payments or licencing deals. We like it when companies get patents awarded!. To protect IP companies aggressively file provisional patents even before they have a working product. The below table provides a way to look at what has been done by companies and use this as a factor to make investment decisions.

Title Filing Date Publication Date Grant Date
Anticancer indenes, indanes, azaindenes, azaindanes, pharmaceutical … 2022-5-19 2022-7-28
Indenyl compound, pharmaceutical composition and medical use thereof 2021-9-07 2021-12-09
Cellular converter apparatus and method 2020-7-10 2021-1-14
Methods for treating or preventing ras mediated diseases 2020-1-16 2020-4-09
Portable system for managing events 2019-7-22 2019-8-08
System and method for monitoring a location 2019-3-05 2019-6-27
Security system access profiles 2018-6-22 2018-7-12
Automatic password reset using a security system 2018-2-23 2021-9-21 2021-9-21
Determining what the indicators represent on a security device 2018-2-23 2018-8-30
Detecting an intruder's wireless device during a break in to a premises 2018-2-23 2018-8-30
Using degree of confidence to prevent false security system alarms 2017-10-05 2019-1-08 2019-1-08
Permitting processing system for a monitoring on demand security system 2017-8-25 2019-3-12 2019-3-12
Compounds, compositions and methods of treating cancer 2016-12-15 2017-6-22
Security system that tracks employees on site and hours worked 2016-10-14 2017-4-20
Security system health monitoring 2016-7-18 2016-11-10
Security system having segregated operating software 2016-6-02 2017-2-10
Security system and method 2016-3-02 2016-6-30
Securing electronic property from unauthorized use 2016-1-11 2020-3-17 2020-3-17
Method of persistent authentication with disablement upon removal of a wearable … 2015-9-28 2017-10-24 2017-10-24
Method of providing a human-perceptible indication of alarm monitoring system … 2015-9-28 2019-7-16 2019-7-16
Device interface for alarm monitoring systems 2015-9-09 2016-3-10
Tablet computer and method for coupling a computer cable to the tablet computer 2015-2-10 2015-8-13
RAS inhibition indenyls acetamide compound, composition and purposes 2014-12-16 2018-1-02
Voice activated application for mobile devices 2014-12-05 2015-6-11
User management of a response to a system alarm event 2014-7-25 2021-8-03 2021-8-03
Security system installation 2014-3-14 2014-9-25
Security system using visual floor plan 2014-3-14 2016-1-20
Panel with magnetic hinge 2014-3-05 2014-9-18
Interface for managing personal data 2014-2-24 2014-10-02
Security panel communication system 2013-12-11 2021-2-23 2021-2-23
Commissioning devices for automation systems 2013-1-23 2013-7-25
System and method for remotely attended delivery 2012-7-26 2012-8-16
Video verification system and method for central station alarm monitoring 2012-3-21 2012-4-12
System to provide a security technology and management portal 2011-6-13 2012-12-13
Method and database to provide a security technology and management portal 2011-6-13 2012-12-13
Video verification system and method for central station alarm monitoring 2009-9-04 2009-12-24
Method and apparatus for communication between a security system and a … 2009-6-22 2009-12-30
System and method for remotely attended delivery 2007-2-20 2008-11-05
Video verification system and method for central station alarm monitoring 2006-6-13 2007-12-13
Motion detector having asymmetric zones for determining direction of movement … 2006-3-17 2009-2-04
Closed circuit tv security system 2005-4-05 2005-10-20
Frame grabber for image processing in ingress/egress control system 2002-8-15 2004-2-19
Entry / exit control system for airport transit area and other access … 2002-5-27 2002-5-27
Ingress/egress control system for airport concourses and other access … 2000-10-04 2003-1-14 2003-1-14