Insider Ownership Details

This table shows the list known insiders, and is generated automatically from filings disclosed to the SEC. In addition to the names, most recent title, and director, officer, or 10% owner designation, we provide the latest disclosed holdings.

Name Shares Options
Apollo Management Holdings GP, LLC 608,927,822 0
DeVries James David 4,087,626 0
Bresingham Daniel 1,930,646 0
Haenggi Jamie Elizabeth 1,804,290 0
Kupbens Robert C. 891,737 0
Young Donald M. 783,207 0
Likosar Jeffrey 728,382 0
Koedijk Jochen 558,170 0
Dale Robert M 447,027 16,265
Smail David W 392,430 0
Porpora Kenneth 372,406 0
Holmes Keith F 364,263 0
Pulliam Amelia 187,362 0
Susil Zachary 181,314 0
Harty Harriet K 150,157 0
AFRICK ANDREW By ADA Partners, L.P. 130,000 0
Boyce James P 106,794 0
Jones Marc S Orange Solar Holdco, LLC 0 0
Darfler Jay 0 36,407
Zarmi Sigal 0 0
Burzo Steven 0 0
0 0
Jones Marc S 0 0
Whall Timothy J. 0 162,656
Finney Pelham Gray 0 16,350
Griffin Tracey R. 0 15,516
Winter Matthew E 0 15,432

While Insider sales are normal part of tax harvesting and is part of compensation of executives - A large number of transactions would indicate that the management isnt convinced that the price will go up and hence reducing their holding. This would be a possible indicator or fall in price

Recent Insider Sales

Name Shares Price Date

Recent Insider Purchases

Insider buys arent usual, since it indicates a high conviction by the management that they believe the price will go up eventually. Usually a good sign that investors should consider this as a factor to purchase a stock, especially if the current SP is lower than the price the management bought these at. The table below doesnt include any Stock Options or RSUs. They're just open market purchases by the insiders.

Name Shares Price Date