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Bullish Statements during Earnings call

So in this high reliable connection, we do a lot of breakthroughs, we hope in the coming quarter we can give this good news to everyone
We realized net income of US$2.1 million in the first quarter of 2023, which represents a significant improvement on our bottom line results as compared to net loss of US$7.9 million in the same period 2022
So our efforts on cash collections have achieved a positive result
Even their connection quality may not as good as our cloud SIM but they have some advantage as well
We are delight that our uCloudlink 1.0 business demonstrates significant growth as a result of accelerated international travel recovery across our major markets particularly in Japan
We also have observed increased demand from our 1.0 Roamingman business in mainland China and Southeast Asia which are historically strong markets with wide coverage Roamingman brand Average daily active terminals for uCloudlink 1.0 business increased by 55.3% compared with same period of year 2022 which indicates the significant growth of our business
We remain optimistic in our ability to further grow our uCloudlink 1.0 business thereby solidifying our leading global position in the International Roamingman Solutions market and we look forward to serving our users globally as the market continues to pick up
And this data is high quality and reliable cross carrier network
Similarly, adjusted EBITDA improved to US$2.1 million during the first quarter of 2023 as compared to negative US$3.9 million in the same period 2022
We are pleased to start off 2023 with strong first quarter results, which is the first time that we achieved both positive net income and positive cash flow generated from operations with growth in revenue since the outbreak of the COVID-⁠19 pandemic
So basically once our growth of recovery from the pandemic so I think our R&D will also keep very stable investment and also our new product new solution because of historic investment and after this year we will also strengthen our R&D investment I believe we will get more good result and bright future for our HyperConn and cloud SIM
We expect our high quality, reliable data connectivity services based on our innovative HyperConn technology will receive more industry recognitions and applications, especially in the mobile and fixed broadband industry
We are pleased as this is the first-time, we achieved positive net income since the outbreak of COVID-⁠19 pandemic and adjusted EBITDA has remained positive for three consecutive quarters
Overall gross margins improved to 47.8% in the first quarter of 2023 as compared to 37.4% in the same period of 2022, and our gross margins on service increased to 60.5% in the first quarter of 2023 from 49% in the same period of 2022
So that's where we get the improving result of the gross margins improving over the past couple of quarters
Our strengths in financial position enable us to execute our growth strategies
So the improving gross margins will reflect the proportions of the revenue generating from international roaming service and from PaaS, SaaS is growing faster than the local connecting service
We believe our track record of delivering reliable and high quality data connectivity experience and our historic of introducing innovative products and solutions enable us to maintain a leading position in the international data connectivity services industry
We have significantly improved our bottom line in the first quarter of 2023 and have generated positive cash flow from operation for four consecutive quarters
Our business aims to deliver value add services to our customers by continuously improving their mobile data connectivity experience
So we expect the overall service cost margin will be improving a bit at least keep stables in following quarters for this year
This is a huge opportunity for the mobile broadband operator market
The average daily active terminals continue to be in an upward trend and reached a historic height of over 300,000 in this quarter as we continue to expand our global PaaS and SaaS ecosystem, reflecting the accelerated market demand for uCloudlink services across the global market
So this also varies contributors help our improving managements
I believe we will achieve a better than last year that we expect, yes
For the service gross margin is improving depending on a mix of the service categories
Yes, regarding the gross profit, you will see we improve gross profit, gross margins in the past couples of quarters
This helps us and help our partner to meet all the requirements of the user application
So I expect our operating cash flow will keep this positive trend in the following couples of this year
SaaS solution, follow this solution for the HyperConn for fixed solution once achieved, adopt by more and more carrier, I believe the PaaS and SaaS revenue will increase a lot

Bearish Statements during earnings call

So we continue this HyperConn product launch to enhance high quality, reliable quality because no matter fixed broadband or mobile broadband operator, their network will face the failure
And can you hear me? Okay, I have a small question about SaaS and PaaS sector because like from the report of our first quarter the revenue of PaaS and SaaS did not like grow much from the year-on-year or quarter-to-quarter
I add some comment because two years ago we invest in R&D side, you can see our loss last two years ago the heavy loss that's because we have invested in R&D side so 56 and HyperConn, we finish all the development then end of last year we start to control the cost and control the R&D investment
But I know this industry, we have people they may be not willing to carry the extra MiFi

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