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Bullish Statements during Earnings call

We successfully achieved positive cashflow from operation for a sixth consecutive quarters, accumulating operating cashflow inflow of $16.7 million through the previous six quarters
We delivered Another strong set of results during the quarter, highlighted by a 31% year-on-year increase in total revenues to $20.9 million, and sixth consecutive quarter of positive cashflow from operations
That's a good business
We expect we'll keep this trend to generate more cashflow from operations to further improve our financial positions
International Data Connectivity Services, driving an excellent performance in this segment
So, that’s - yes, we achieved in terms of growth rate is quite good
The recovery of the international travel is creating significant tailwinds for this business, with growth from Japan and mainland China as a significant growth drivers during the quarter
So, that's a strong indications of how revenues generation and growth in the future
This strong performance was enabled by the continuous development of our technology products and services offerings and the value-add services
It seems not very significant growth, but the revenue generation is quite strong compared with this growth rate in terms of daily active terminal
So, the terminal growth rate was strong at 9.3% in the quarter, but the total data consumed was less than 1%
We are confident that our expending and upgrading portfolio of products and services will help us and our business partners achieve further market share gains and enhance our leadership in the international data roaming business
It's not so as quicker as we expect, around 30% of recovery so far, but we still get achieved a big market share and a good result
So, all these fine new products and solutions, I believe not only can enlarge our market share in 1.0 business, you can see we already win the market share compared with before COVID-19, our market share for ME5 rental business in China is higher than year 2019
We believe this new offering will bolster uCloudlink’s positions in the fast-growing market for home and office internet connectivity, helping us expand our user base and gain the additional market share in the fixed broadband market
So, really, so I think that can enhance our service ability
This portable Wi-Fi can enhance our market position in the international business because we can combine our big Wi-Fi and smaller Wi-Fi together, provide more flexibility to meet the various need of the family package
And this help us achieve quite a good market share because currently this almost only one portable Wi-Fi available in this market for global roaming
We also believe that we are well positioned to create a mobile data (tertiary) marketplace that will define the mobile data connectivity experience
So, quite successfully, and this is what’s leading a faster award 5G global roaming free roaming high performance Wi-Fi
So, there's improving on the sales products that contribute overall for all this quarter’s gross margins
As you see, the overall service margin improved a lot compared to the same period last year
In summary, our financial performance continued to improve during the third quarter, and we believe that we are well positioned to execute on our strategic growth initiatives
In this lever, 320,000, that's the daily active terminal support our generated revenue in very fast growth pace
This was a well round performance across our entire business
You see, as we launch, we achieved positive cashflow from operations for a sixth consecutive quarter
So, which are in the consideration, but I think the first step is make the company more stronger, more healthy
All of our efforts are geared towards enforcing the competitive advantages that will facilitate the development of this marketplace, our growing user base, our extensive relationship with global mobile network operators, and our innovative technologies
To sum up, we believe our new offerings open up a new range of application scenarios for our solutions and hold significant long-term growth potential
We achieved positive operating cashflow of $2.8 million during the third quarter 2023, as compared to $1.2 million during the same period of 2022

Bearish Statements during earnings call

So, even in China, the recovery of the international business is soft
That means for Chinese travelers, they are hard to use, like ChatGPT in China is difficult and because you need a foreign number to register, et cetera
While Chinese outbound travel remains soft, Chinese international travelers during the peak summer holiday season, increasingly chose to use our Roaming Man brand services, and are accounting for a growing share of our International Data Connectivity Services

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