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So that's actually a very good opportunity for us because then our B-sample line, even a fully optimized A-sample line, we can produce at least 1,000 cells per month, and 1,000 cell is about two aircrafts worth of batteries
So then we took this in house, and then we're able to improve the quality and the product a lot faster
Our strong balance sheet will support the company as we maintain on-track to achieve our commercialization milestones
In addition to the EV market, we identified Urban Air Mobility, UAM, as a promising and exciting market that is about to take off, especially when powered by high energy density lithium-metal batteries
Now let's see if we can use AI to develop a new electrolyte that's better than the best ever human-developed one
This is a super exciting area
Achieving hazard level five for large 50 amp hour and 100 amp hour lithium-metal cells was a combination of improved safety in materials as well as improvements in cell design and engineering
So from both the customer's perspective and also our perspective, it's a very good fit
In fact, we achieved greater safety related breakthroughs in cell engineering than in material chemistry
Our three JDA partners, GM, Hyundai and Honda continue to be very supportive and push aggressively in EV
We're confident that with more data training and advancement in AI model, we will achieve 95% incident prediction this year and eventually reach near 100% safety guarantee
So these are the three focus and then I'm really excited about this year
That's why it's a good fit in terms of the near term
So from the customer's perspective, UAM lithium-metal really enables UAM, and then that's why it's really exciting
Third, is improve Avatar AI incident prediction accuracy
This was made possible thanks to significant improvements in wide-width thin lithium-metal anode production and anode electro punching and stacking
But so for us, it's unique because we have the highest quality and highest quantity of lithium-metal data and also this approach of combining cell manufacturing and also vehicle data
The B-sample itself and entering B-sample itself is a big milestone
Lithium-metal not only leads to longer range and more passengers, but near 100% safety guarantee and accelerated roadmap technology development
So the EV B-sample and the B-sample lines will be critical to improve our manufacturability and also generate more data
We will improve manufacturing quality control plan from 600 checkpoints to 1,500 checkpoints
We'll continue to improve cell practical safety and manufacturability
2023 was a great year for us
It's just that these batteries actually happen to have very good usage in UAM
By the end of 2023, we are pleased to announce that we achieved 92%
The high energy density and high power density of lithium-metal really enables UAM
Lithium-metal with about 60% higher energy density will change all that and make UAM a profitable business
We are very thankful for all the support we have received from our customers, partners and shareholders
We can achieve near 100% safety guarantee
This is a major milestone in the commercialization of lithium-metal battery technology for automotive applications

Bearish Statements during earnings call

So the material itself, lithium, and then especially lithium on copper is quite thin and then quite weak
For UAM, the energy density and power density of current lithium-ion batteries are too low, and that results in short flight time and limited payload and number of passengers, making the current UAM business not economical
And then you end up with lots of issues like powders or tearing and also making large with very thin lithium foil is also very difficult
And if you use conventional processes like laser or metal dye punching, you actually don't get very good results
The whole market is not economical
In the fourth quarter, our operating expenses were $17.9 million down slightly from the same period last year
That's why we still have lithium-ion battery incidents that cost billions of dollars in recall
The risks and uncertainties that could cause our results to differ materially from our current expectations include, but are not limited to, those detailed in our latest earnings release and in our SEC filings
This was intentional because by having minimal changes to material chemistry and by focusing on cell design and engineering, we didn't have to sacrifice cell performance and energy density
And then in the early days, we used to have the vendors make it for us, but then we realized it was hard to control the quality
The next question we got from investors ahead of the call is what are the key challenges to scale lithium-metal anode in production when it comes to notching and stacking? Qichao Hu Yes
So that was a timing issue that was pushed out from last year to this year

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