Just a summary of all the news articles that we could source from different places. A good way to make an investment decision is also to look at how actively the company is engaging with news sources to keep them in the news. In this day and age its critical to have a media presence.

Date Title Source
2022-06-23 9:46:14 am IPI, VRM and TWI among mid-day movers SeekingAlpha
Jun-22-22 11:12AM JX Luxventure Adopts $5M Stock Buyback Program; Inks $30M Sales Agreement Benzinga
Jun-22-22 09:30AM JX Luxventure Announces US$5,000,000 Shares Repurchase Program and Signs US$30,000,000 Sales Agreement PR Newswire
Jun-03-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure receives Nomination for the "Best Software Solution Provider" Award PR Newswire
Jun-02-22 12:52PM JX Luxventure Inks Consulting Agreemnt For Metaverse Benzinga
Jun-02-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure Signs Technology Consulting Agreement for Metaverse PR Newswire
May-24-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure Limited Signs USD10,000,000 Sales Agreement PR Newswire
May-17-22 09:00AM JX Luxventure Limited Announces Formation of a Special Committee to Explore Sale of Menswear Business PR Newswire
May-13-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure Limited Reported A Significant Increase in its Revenue for the Year ended December 31, 2021 (546X of 2020 Revenue) PR Newswire
May-05-22 03:36PM JX Luxventure Limited receives "Annual Most Growth Enterprise" Award PR Newswire
Apr-26-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure Makes Footprint in Metaverse by receiving the "Best Virtual Human Software Technology Service Provider" Award PR Newswire
Apr-13-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure Appoints Ms. Ting Ting Jiang as Director of Marketing PR Newswire
Apr-04-22 11:01AM JX Luxventure Signs USD30,000,000 (3X 2020 Revenue) Sales Agreement PR Newswire
Mar-22-22 09:36AM JX Luxventure Signs Blockbuster USD60,000,000 (5X 2020 Revenue) Sales Agreement PR Newswire
Mar-15-22 09:36AM Luxventure Enters into Agreement as Exclusive Supplier of Cross-border Merchandize from Japan and Plans for NFT based Projects PR Newswire
Feb-10-22 09:36PM Cooperation for High-End Japanese Medical and Beauty Care Services PR Newswire
Jan-03-22 09:36AM Flower Crown (China) Holding Group Co., Limited Closed a Global Shopping E-Commerce Open Platform Store Services Agreement PR Newswire
Dec-17-21 09:36AM JX Luxventure Limited Announces Reorganization and Removal of Variable Interest Entity Structure PR Newswire
Nov-01-21 09:36AM JX Luxventure Limited Announces Closing of $3,900,000 Series D Convertible Preferred Stock PR Newswire