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As we speak, we're preparing to advance ibezapolstat into Phase III clinical trials and anticipate a favorable outcome from our upcoming FDA meeting regarding readiness to proceed and also to obtain agreement on the regulatory pathway for a new drug application filing for marketing approval in the U.S
Additionally, we believe ibezapolstat, if approved, could make a favorable impact by reducing the cost burden of current C
We remain particularly excited about the dual impact of ibezapolstat to treat acute C
difficile infection while appropriately managing the long-term care of each patient's microbiome, which we believe is exceptional for antibiotic therapy
The data are solid, the market is large and our manufacturing cost is low
I think, I have got a great rear view mirror and a clear vision to say that we have a winner here for patients with CDI and in general for better public health as well as for our shareholders
We anticipate that additional data from the secondary and exploratory endpoint will provide further favorable separation these two therapeutic options in our Phase III clinical trial program and ultimately in the marketplace if approved
It is a very exciting time and really it's the final step to commercialize ibezapolstat for patients in need of a promising new antibiotic with a novel bactericidal mechanism of action to treat CDI, and many of you will remember that approximately 30,000 people die each year in the U.S
On January 17, 2024, we announced positive comparative microbiology and microbiome data for the ibezapolstat in CDI patients from the Phase IIb clinical trial segment
As we've consistently reported, ibezapolstat continues to outperform in a series of potentially life-threatening infectious disease called C
No safety concerns were reported in either arm of the Phase IIb clinical trial and ibezapolstat was well tolerated in all patients in both the Phase IIa open-label trial and the Phase IIb vancomycin control segment
So basically, we have two formidable plans going forward, and we're equally excited about partnering M&A and Phase III enrollment as next steps over the next 12 months
and international sites to enhance overall enrollment and to support international regulatory filings for marketing approval
We also announced that the European Medicines Agency approved their application to be designated as a small to medium sized enterprise or SME in Europe, which provides for certain benefits including fee reductions and other support from the European Medicines Agency for seeking a marketing authorization in Europe
This will save us a lot of time and money and allow us to expand our ultimate commercial reach
Additional data from the Phase IIb clinical trial showed ibezapolstat but not vancomycin consistently observed and allowed regrowth of key gut bacterial species believed to confer health benefits including prevention of recurrent C
So we anticipate faster enrollment
So that's gone a long way to helping us get comfortable with fixing the enrollment issues we had during COVID with our U.S
Ibezapolstat also has FDA Fast Track designation for treatment of C
Ibezapolstat as Dave mentioned is fast tracked by FDA, it's fully patented and with regulatory exclusivity 10 years post-market introduction in the U.S
and similar opportunities for regulatory exclusivity in other geographies to pursue at the appropriate time
In addition to global scope of the program compared to Phase II and the strength of our Phase II data, the Phase III protocol will allow more flexibility for inclusion and exclusion criteria as a standard for CDI pivotal registration trials
We do have a robust preclinical -- clinical microbiome safety and CMC evidence package that we've submitted to the FDA and as Dave mentioned, they've determined it acceptable to grant us an end of Phase II meeting next month to discuss trial design, patient enrollment targets and to confirm our readiness to go forward
Bob? Robert DeLuccia Thanks Dave and Rob for updating our stakeholders and thanks to all for the continuing support as we advance ibezapolstat into Phase III clinical trials
It's very straightforward
Good morning, everyone, and thanks for joining us to review our financial results for the fourth quarter of 2023 and also to hear some very exciting recent updates
So we were able to see exactly the heat patterns from their enrollment
We thank you for your interest and participation
Thank you
So to complete our Phase II international Phase III trials, which will be done sequentially as Dave mentioned and as quickly as possible, we've already initiated steps to advance screen potential clinical trial sites, which in addition to North America will cover sites in about 17 other countries, including several in Eastern Central, Northern and Western Europe, totaling about 100 sites, which we believe will accelerate overall enrollment

Bearish Statements during earnings call

And so just wanted to get a little more clarity on that in particular that a view to concerns there might be around the risk that you could change the sort of design of the trial and there could be some disruption from a slightly different patient population
CDC categorizes as an urgent threat and there's a need for new classes of antibiotics for initial treatment but also has a low incidence of recurrence
difficile infection
difficile infection

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