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diff infection while appropriately managing the long-term care of each patient's microbiome, which we believe is exceptional for antibiotic therapy
It seems to me that more and more of our shares are entering institutional hands, which is another thing that’s very healthy for the company
We outlined advances in several areas that we believe will spur continued momentum and growth to build on our strong fundamentals
So we're delighted with that and we're following a successful pathway with the fidaxomicin pathway
We remain particularly excited about the dual impact of ibezapolstat to treat the acute C
From what we've seen so far, we expect to further demonstrate favorable effects on the microbiome and less recurrence of infection
It's also very well-tolerated and efficient to manufacture, so we can be cost-competitive in the marketplace
And with continued good data in hand, non-inferiority in this case for a Phase III registration trial, we would hope to see an uptick in our share price and use that uptick to raise money for the second trial
In my over 50 years' experience in antibiotic development and marketing, I think I've got a good rearview mirror that gives me a clear vision and a pathway forward to deliver a winner here, not only for patients with C
It works extremely well
So from my perspective, we now have robust scientific evidence to present a strong data package to FDA for an end of Phase II meeting
So if you can restore a healthy microbiome, you're basically able to make a very nice dent in the public health cost in the recurrent C
Let's sit tight and buckle up and 2024 is going to be a great year, we expect
So those are two real exciting pieces
So I'm particularly excited about that 94-day out data to see in a subset of patients how many patients of ours are reinfections 94 days out compared to vancomycin
We contacted the FDA prior to ending the Phase IIb trial to make sure that everything was copacetic and they were very good at getting back to us quickly
I appreciate all your efforts and it’s a pretty great product you put out there
diff infection, but in general, for better public health and of course, for our shareholders
We're pleased for all of you coming to the conference today and expressing your thoughts and questions and we look forward to updating you soon
David Luci Very good
We look forward to sustaining this momentum even during these challenging times and sharing future updates in the coming months
Bob? Robert DeLuccia Thanks, Dave and thanks for updating our stakeholders on our recent progress and thanks to all for your continuing support to reach this important clinical development milestone, which takes ibezapolstat one step closer to commercialization for CDI patients in need of a promising new antibiotic with a novel bactericidal mechanism of action
And hopefully our data shows a clear separation and we’re able to get something done in terms of M&A in 2024
Three to five solid press releases in the next kind of period of time ending at the end of the first quarter
diff Agents showed ibezapolstat and fidaxomicin both caused favorable proportional increases in bacteroidetes, but distinct from vancomycin and metronidazole, which caused unfavorable proportional increases in proteobacteria
Good morning, everyone
Good morning
So we think that's going to play an important role
difficile In Vitro Biofilm Studies of Ibezapolstat and Comparator Antibiotics showed ibezapolstat was as effective as the currently used anti C
Unidentified Participant Thank you and your team

Bearish Statements during earnings call

I mean, it looks like we're coming up to another government shutdown
One last question is since October 2, we've had some very wild swings in the price of this Acurx with the company with some days as many as and exceeding 8 million -- almost 10 million shares being traded in a single day, which is pretty unusual

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