Latest Patents

Patents imply intellectual property and it has a $ value that can be associated depending on the field and type of patent that is allocated. Patents also increase the enterprise value of the company and help prevent copy-cats from copying the idea without having royalt payments or licencing deals. We like it when companies get patents awarded!. To protect IP companies aggressively file provisional patents even before they have a working product. The below table provides a way to look at what has been done by companies and use this as a factor to make investment decisions.

Title Filing Date Publication Date Grant Date
Method for treating disease associated with soluble, oligomeric species of … 2018-9-21 2019-2-14
Antibodies, kit and method for detecting amyloid beta oligomers 2015-6-03 2015-9-17
Monoclonal antibodies that target pathological assemblies of amyloid beta ( … 2013-7-16 2013-12-12
Amyloid beta peptides, assemblies thereof, and related methods 2012-11-14 2013-3-28
Novel addl receptor polypeptides, polynucleotides and host cells for … 2008-12-17 2009-6-25
Methods of inhibiting the formation of amyloid-.beta. diffusable ligands using … 2008-7-11 2009-1-15
Methods of inhibiting the formation of amyloid-beta diffusable ligands using … 2008-7-11 2011-4-28
Method for detecting oligermization of soluble amyloid beta oligomers 2007-10-16 2008-5-15
Methods of restoring cognitive ability using non-peptidic compounds 2007-7-12 2015-2-24 2015-2-24
Methods of enhancing cognitive function using non-peptidic compounds 2007-7-12 2010-4-14
Methods of modifying amyloid β oligomers using non-peptidic compounds 2007-7-12 2015-4-14 2015-4-14
Modification procedures for beta amyloid oligomers using non-peptide compounds 2007-7-12 2013-4-23 2013-4-23
Compositions and methods for the enhancement of soluble amyloid beta oligomer ( … 2007-5-11 2011-6-21 2011-6-21
Anti-addl antibodies and uses thereof 2007-4-24 2008-10-03
ADDL Binding to Hippocampal Neurons 2006-11-16 2008-1-17
Anti-addl antibodies and uses thereof 2005-10-21 2006-5-26
Compositions Comprising Addl Receptors, Related Compositions, and Related … 2005-5-16 2008-12-11
Anticuerpos anti-ligandos difundibles derivados de alfa beta y usos de los … 2007-4-24 2008-10-03