We've tried to summarize the data from some of the stock subreddits here into different categories. The categories are Recent Posts, Due Diligence (DD), Discussions or News. The News here is usually not the news in media but still very relevant information.

Reddit Recent Post Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Apr-17-2022 Investing Advice for a 15 Year Old investing 12.42
Apr-16-2022 Beware the POWcycle stocks 12.42
Apr-15-2022 Any hope for PLTR or UiPath? stocks 12.42
Apr-15-2022 Roth IRA LEAPS wallstreetbets 12.42
Apr-15-2022 Are PLTR and AFRM good picks for dollar cost averaging? investing 12.42
Apr-14-2022 Some catalysts for us Palantards! wallstreetbets 12.75
Apr-11-2022 PLTR Jan '23 $22 options 12.66
Apr-08-2022 Paypal Founder calling out Buffett and the Gerontocracy StockMarket 12.85
Apr-08-2022 Palantears wallstreetbets 12.70
Apr-05-2022 Palantir Is Now in Space PLTR wallstreetbets 14.63

Reddit DD Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Mar-15-2022 Hedge against potential recession / stagflation. DD. investing 10.79
Mar-15-2022 Your Daily Fortune: Palantir will announce a huge partnership with ExxonMobil 🔮 wallstreetbets 10.77
Jan-19-2022 BBAI One of the Best Value Stocks Currently stocks 14.56
Jan-10-2022 Stock Lockup Studies (updated from 3/2021 to include $DASH) wallstreetbetsOGs 16.50
Jan-09-2022 BBAI SqueezePlays 16.56
Jan-09-2022 $PNTM - Evidence indicating a strong, lucrative definitive agreement announcement will occur any day now. A factual and evidence based discussion. SPACs 16.56
Jan-07-2022 A hypothesis on why labor market induced inflationary pressure is not going to last, and why tech will win wallstreetbets 16.52
Dec-29-2021 $pltr founder makes racist comments wallstreetbets 18.17
Dec-17-2021 UPDATED: Why $ABCL Is a Multi Bagger in This Cangaroo Covid/Omicron/Inflation Market. wallstreetbets 18.89
Dec-17-2021 $FFIE DD SqueezePlays 18.84
Dec-16-2021 $ABCL - A Long Term Winning Gem Inside a Crowd of Some Dodgy Covid/Omicron Plays. Here is How About How Landed on It wallstreetbets 18.27
Dec-14-2021 $BBAI - This AI Pure Play De-Spac Is Very Close to a Gamma Squeeze - ONly 3M shs out 35M before merging. SOme 2M shorted. Read the DD with redemptions, developments, catalysts, etc. SqueezePlays 18.36
Nov-28-2021 Comparing satellite imagery companies BKSY, DMYQ / PL, and CFV / SATL SPACs 21.03
Nov-18-2021 GRAND FATHER TO ALL $CLOV THESIS wallstreetbets 22.49
Nov-15-2021 $DCRN Tritium Charging SPACs 23.36
Nov-15-2021 I Analyzed $PLTR So You Don't Have To wallstreetbets 23.41
Nov-13-2021 PLTR buy the dip fools.... wallstreetbets 22.83
Nov-11-2021 Palantir 20X Share price DD wallstreetbets 22.52
Nov-10-2021 (11/10) Wednesday's Pre-Market Stock Movers & News wallstreetbets 24.25
Nov-09-2021 (11/9) Tuesday's Pre-Market Stock Movers & News wallstreetbets 26.75
Nov-09-2021 Palantir ER wallstreetbets 26.75
Nov-09-2021 Palantir's fundamentals are getting better every quarter and the management is continuing to disprove the bearish concerns. wallstreetbets 24.52
Nov-09-2021 $PLTR TO THE FUCKING MOON wallstreetbets 24.22
Nov-07-2021 BNTX Earnings Vitards 26.00
Nov-07-2021 Historical Post Earnings Moves MEGA Compilation AND Analysis (Q3 Week 5) - $CLOV, $PLTR, $SPCE, $PYPL, $DIS, $NIO, $UPST and More wallstreetbets 26.00
Oct-17-2021 $BLND – Blend Labs could be the next $UPST wallstreetbets 24.00
Oct-12-2021 $DNA: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine wallstreetbetsOGs 23.69
Oct-10-2021 Exposure to BEEM, Crucial For a Balanced EV Portfolio— SqueezePlays 23.50
Oct-09-2021 $PLTR: Recent News, SEC Filings, and insider selling wallstreetbets 23.50
Oct-09-2021 Updating my last post on $PLTR (SEC filings, Insider Selling, News and more...) FluentInFinance 23.50
Oct-09-2021 Palantir Thesis – A Future Juggernaut wallstreetbets 23.50
Oct-09-2021 Exposure to BEEM, Crucial For a Balanced EV Portfolio stocks 23.50
Oct-09-2021 Exposure to BEEM, Crucial For a Balanced EV Portfolio— StockMarket 23.50
Oct-07-2021 UPDATE: MARGIN TENDIES PLAY PRINTING wallstreetbets 23.71
Sep-26-2021 $KHC FINNA SQUEEZE THE SAUCE wallstreetbets 28.56
Sep-23-2021 $BKSY - The Last of the deSPACans wallstreetbetsOGs 28.85
Sep-23-2021 BKSY - The last of the deSPACans Shortsqueeze 28.77
Sep-20-2021 Some common mistakes we seem to make and how not to repeat them [Long post for newbies wallstreetbets 28.71
Sep-18-2021 DeSpac, with PLTR interest, yet out of sight of retail. A tale of the BlackSky. $BKSY Shortsqueeze 28.71
Sep-17-2021 🦍🚀 READ THIS IF YOU MISSED OUT ON IRNT 🚀🦍 wallstreetbets 28.80
Sep-17-2021 $LILM DD Shortsqueeze 28.38
Sep-17-2021 CLBT is a monster even without a squeeze — high growth, undervalued business with top-tier names running it and in the PIPE. High redemptions and share lockup make it a good squeeze candidate as icing on the cake. wallstreetbets 28.96
Sep-17-2021 Palantir requires 10 plus years of experience for candidates applying to join its sales team. This company really only hires the best of the best. wallstreetbets 28.71
Sep-15-2021 $SFTW ---> $BKSY, potentially another stop on the ex-SPAC 'squeeze' train. ~70% shares redemption announced yesterday, PLTR buying almost 10% remaining float, SI at ~50%. Shortsqueeze 26.91
Sep-15-2021 $AI - How are my fellow Palantards not seeing this? wallstreetbets 27.08
Sep-09-2021 $SFTW ---> $BKSY, potentially another stop on the ex-SPAC 'squeeze' train. ~70% shares redemption announced yesterday, PLTR buying almost 10% remaining float, SI at ~50%. SqueezePlays 25.63
Sep-09-2021 $SFTW ---> $BKSY, potentially another stop on the ex-SPAC 'squeeze' train. ~70% shares redemption announced yesterday, PLTR buying almost 10% remaining float, SI at ~50%. Shortsqueeze 25.63
Sep-09-2021 $SFTW ---> $BKSY, potentially another stop on the ex-SPAC 'squeeze' train. ~70% shares redemption announced yesterday, PLTR buying almost 10% remaining float, SI at ~50%. SPACs 25.98
Sep-06-2021 PLTR stock based compensation explained and general look at companies outlook wallstreetbets 26.64
Sep-06-2021 Imminent Market Crash DD. Why I believe the U.S. stock market and U.S. Dollar will fall. wallstreetbets 26.64

Reddit Recent Discussions Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Apr-15-2022 Roth IRA LEAPS wallstreetbets 12.42
Apr-14-2022 Some catalysts for us Palantards! wallstreetbets 12.75
Apr-08-2022 Paypal Founder calling out Buffett and the Gerontocracy StockMarket 12.85
Apr-08-2022 Palantears wallstreetbets 12.70
Mar-24-2022 Why is software industry underperforming? stocks 13.39
Mar-18-2022 Potential inflation/stag-flation plays wallstreetbets 12.69
Mar-17-2022 How to Stop Crying - here's your plan. wallstreetbets 12.32
Mar-16-2022 $PLTR Competitors Query stocks 11.36
Mar-16-2022 If you're HOPING for WW3 and hyperinflation, you deserve your losses. wallstreetbets 11.55
Mar-15-2022 I'm not selling. wallstreetbets 10.56
Mar-13-2022 Markets whacked yet again - What stocks are setting up around social sentiment FluentInFinance 11.39
Mar-11-2022 Inverse $ARK? wallstreetbets 11.52
Jan-17-2022 My butthole is tingling, think it's time to become a gay bear? wallstreetbets 16.01
Jan-11-2022 $pltr why aren’t y’all helping out Palantir? A company with actual profits and contracts, securing our defenses? I think it’s time?… wallstreetbets 16.50
Jan-11-2022 Stocks that will dip 50% or more in 2022? stocks 16.89
Jan-10-2022 Will January 2022 bring meme stocks back alive? wallstreetbets 16.56
Jan-09-2022 Why is my [meme stock wallstreetbets 16.56
Jan-07-2022 has anyone on this sub used Palantir's software? stocks 16.56
Jan-07-2022 Is Palantir's image it's problem? wallstreetbets 16.56
Jan-03-2022 Got 1k liquidated for Christmas. I will enter the top rated comment for plays in January wallstreetbets 18.53
Dec-28-2021 Most Mentioned Tickers on WSB - December 28, 2021 Premarket StockMarket 18.94
Dec-28-2021 Thoughts on this (concentrated) portfolio? wallstreetbets 18.57
Dec-28-2021 I have the dumbest strategy when buying stocks. wallstreetbets 18.57
Dec-22-2021 Single Tech Investment 2022 stocks 18.88
Dec-20-2021 Markets at close: 12/20/2021 wallstreetbets 17.96
Dec-15-2021 Growth stocks all overvalued stocks 18.61
Dec-15-2021 $BBAI - This AI Pure Play Is Very Close to Run a Lot Higher. stocks 18.86
Dec-14-2021 The Great Reset (of Wsb) wallstreetbets 18.48
Dec-13-2021 $BBAI - Big Bear AI recent deSPAC with huge potential wallstreetbets 18.94
Dec-13-2021 $BBAI - Big Bear AI recent deSPAC with huge potential SPACs 18.94
Dec-13-2021 Any data on what percentage of Corporate bonds are FRNs vs Fixed? Vitards 18.94
Dec-11-2021 I have 40k. Looking to turn it into 1 mil within 2 years. wallstreetbets 18.94
Dec-10-2021 $MEME , an ETF for meme stocks… wallstreetbets 18.84
Dec-09-2021 Hand up: I don’t understand Palantir stocks 19.31
Dec-07-2021 The Retail Cuck wallstreetbetsOGs 19.46
Dec-05-2021 With Many Growth Stocks Now Hitting 1-Year Lows, What Needs To Happen For Reversal? stocks 18.98
Dec-02-2021 Palantards untie! wallstreetbets 19.33
Nov-27-2021 The Complete Beginner's Guide to Buying Stocks That Don't Make Money wallstreetbets 21.03
Nov-25-2021 Looking back at R/Stock users predictions stocks 21.11
Nov-23-2021 Anything on a good sale right now? stocks 20.35
Nov-23-2021 PLTR CEO on CNBC convinced me that I need to back off from this stock wallstreetbets 20.59
Nov-23-2021 What does Palantir do? wallstreetbets 20.59
Nov-22-2021 With Most Growth Stocks Falling, On Top Fears of Inflation and Interest Rates, Should Now Be A Good Time To Start Buying? stocks 20.32
Nov-21-2021 Is WEJO a Buy??? wallstreetbets 21.41
Nov-19-2021 Biggest problem in the economy today is : supply chain. Which company can help in solving this problem ? Shortsqueeze 21.50
Nov-18-2021 The future of Palantir wallstreetbets 21.50
Nov-17-2021 My Autistic Experience wallstreetbets 23.13
Nov-16-2021 Im not experiencing the “Bull Market” stocks 22.98
Nov-15-2021 Calls on VERI, no brainer? stocks 23.21
Nov-15-2021 I Analyzed $PLTR So You Don't Have To stocks 23.41
Nov-10-2021 Palantir is starting to show ‘cracks,’ analyst says in stock downgrade stocks 23.02
Nov-10-2021 What is going on with $PLTR wallstreetbets 23.09
Nov-10-2021 We should be happy that Palantir is down again wallstreetbets 22.91
Nov-10-2021 Creating The Actual MetaVerse: Rockets Fly.. Moon Soon 🚀🚀🚀 SPACs 22.52
Nov-10-2021 Creating The Actual MetaVerse: Rockets Fly.. Moon Soon 🚀🚀🚀 wallstreetbets 22.52
Nov-09-2021 Palantir's (PLTR) 2021 Q3 Earnings wallstreetbets 26.75
Nov-09-2021 Palantir Expects 40% Revenue Growth in FY 2021; Q3 US Commercial Revenue up 103% Y/Y wallstreetbets 26.75
Nov-09-2021 Palantir's (PLTR) 2021 Q3 Earnings stocks 26.75
Nov-09-2021 A New Machine-Learning System Helps Robots Understand and Perform Certain Social Interactions StockMarket 24.22
Nov-08-2021 $PLTR CEO sells 16m worth of shares stocks 26.75
Nov-07-2021 How do you guys feel about $PLTR this week? wallstreetbets 26.00
Nov-06-2021 Where do you get the sack? wallstreetbets 26.00
Nov-06-2021 This week will be massive! stocks 26.00
Nov-06-2021 Is $ABCL $TSLA of Pharma world? wallstreetbets 26.00
Nov-05-2021 DMYQ: Is Planet Labs Good Value or a Value Trap? SPACs 26.47
Nov-04-2021 What is the next big stock to blow up and go to the moon?? wallstreetbets 26.40
Nov-04-2021 $FPAC is gonna be the next de-spac to run SPACs 26.47
Nov-02-2021 For those investing in all 3: TESLA, PALANTIR, AND UPSTART, please enter! stocks 25.92
Nov-01-2021 What are you top disruptive stocks, and why. stocks 26.56
Oct-29-2021 ENNV and SVOK Warrant plays for quick profits in the near term. SPACs 25.98
Oct-27-2021 $PLTR stock of the day. Their Foundry product is now available for Crypto. Comment "ENTRY" to get my option entry. StockMarket 25.52
Oct-20-2021 ENVX Battery Tech Spec Play? wallstreetbets 24.22
Oct-19-2021 Is it problematic to unite baggies of companies through this subreddit wallstreetbets 24.69
Oct-15-2021 Upcoming Earnings Dates! stocks 24.00
Oct-14-2021 $NEGG - Great Speculative Technical Swing $BEEM Best Short Squeeze Candidate StockMarket 24.57
Oct-13-2021 #ArchegosDIY - Trading above 24x leverage, the Mother of Margin Calls and diversifying your investments beyond public securities towards #fatFIRE as in "Quit While You're Ahead!" wallstreetbets 23.69
Oct-12-2021 Top Trending Tickers on Reddit This Morning - 2021-10-12 wallstreetbetsOGs 23.57
Oct-12-2021 $DNA: Ginkgo Bioworks and the short attack stocks 23.69
Oct-11-2021 Utradea Digest - PLTR is Trending, Uranium Mining Outlook, Retail Investors vs Institutional Investors FluentInFinance 23.77
Oct-10-2021 Are you guys bullish or bearish on $PLTR? wallstreetbets 23.50
Oct-06-2021 Palantir’s $823 Million Deal Pushes Stock Higher StockMarket 23.94
Oct-06-2021 PLTR Palantir Introduces Second Cohort of Foundry for Builders Start-Ups wallstreetbets 23.58
Sep-27-2021 Super disappointed in the ads for this sub. wallstreetbets 28.56
Sep-25-2021 it's ok to be bearish sometimes wallstreetbets 28.56
Sep-23-2021 I am so sorry for being bearish for the past few days and I feel ashamed of myself. wallstreetbets 28.72
Sep-18-2021 When did WSB go from due diligence on good companies to a giant P&D wallstreetbets 28.71
Sep-16-2021 This stock, Palantir, blew past three resistance levels (it was at 28.61 a few minutes ago). I bought this stock at 25.7 and sold it at 26.7. So bummed right now. Will this stock keep going up? StockMarket 28.31
Sep-16-2021 What makes it a meme stock? wallstreetbets 28.63
Sep-16-2021 I've analyzed all US public companies based on a set of indirect metrics. Here are the ones that have been growing the most dynamically stocks 28.63
Sep-15-2021 IBD Article Discussing PLTR SPAC Investments SPACs 26.26
Sep-12-2021 Having your cake and eating it too: Amazon $AMZN and 👉Palantir $PLTR Fintech Zoom Fintech Zoom - World Finance wallstreetbets 26.28
Sep-12-2021 Confessions Of A Reddit Addicted February Ape: A Smooth Brained Theory. wallstreetbetsOGs 26.28
Sep-11-2021 SPY dropped tree fiddy in 5 days. Anyone worried it'll drop to $425 by December? wallstreetbets 26.28
Sep-10-2021 A tolkein scholar's take on why PLTR will moon wallstreetbets 26.28
Sep-08-2021 The Power Of WSB wallstreetbets 25.32
Sep-07-2021 So I talked to my wife wallstreetbets 26.64
Sep-06-2021 Palantir stock based compensation rebuttal and general analysis stocks 26.64
Sep-04-2021 PLTR gonan take us to tendieville? wallstreetbets 26.64

Reddit News Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Apr-05-2022 Palantir Is Now in Space PLTR wallstreetbets 14.63
Apr-05-2022 Palantir Technologies(PLTR) has launched its first satellite, allowing data to be collected and processed in orbit. wallstreetbets 14.08
Jan-19-2022 Nvidia, BrainChip Holdings, Palantir - To the moon wallstreetbets 14.97
Jan-05-2022 Hyundai Heavy signs MOU with Palantir Technologies(PLTR) to establish a big data platform and joint venture. wallstreetbets 18.17
Jan-05-2022 Hyundai Heavy Industries, Palantir to build new big data platform stocks 18.17
Dec-20-2021 Palantir(PLTR) and Dewpoint Therapeutics announce strategic partnership. wallstreetbets 18.06
Dec-16-2021 PLTR CEO wishes all investors Happy Holidays and a Many Tendies wallstreetbets 18.27
Dec-16-2021 $FOUN - Waste and Recycling Platform Rubicon Going Public in $2 Billion SPAC Merger SPACs 18.39
Nov-24-2021 Palantir pumped $400 million YOY on SPAC purchases SPACs 20.62
Nov-15-2021 BigBear.ai And Palantir Announce Strategic Partnership, Combining AI-powered Products With Next Generation Operating Platform wallstreetbets 22.83
Nov-15-2021 Largest U.S. Pension Bought Palantir, Snowflake, and Berkshire Hathaway Stock. wallstreetbets 22.83
Nov-14-2021 Bank buys AMC, GME, PLTR, and Snow wallstreetbets 22.83
Nov-11-2021 Cathie Wood's Ark funds bought the dip in Palantir, scooping up $28 million worth of stock wallstreetbets 22.81
Nov-10-2021 $VOSO Wejo and Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. Announce Additional Financing Arrangements Related to Upcoming Merger SPACs 23.07
Nov-09-2021 Palantir reports 36% revenue growth, projects strong finish to year 🚀 wallstreetbets 26.75
Oct-30-2021 [Short Video StockMarket 25.88
Oct-17-2021 A Big Fund Slashed Its Stake in GameStop Stock. It Bought Moderna and Palantir. wallstreetbets 24.00
Oct-06-2021 !!! news. mother of all lawsuits quietly filed last month vs Facebook in Delaware. I'll explain why it avoided notice until now in a bit but Zuckerberg, Sandberg, CFO, board inc Peter Thiel and Palantir are defendants - it's a result of sealed docs between FB execs and board. /1 wallstreetbets 23.21
Oct-06-2021 $SNII - Rigetti Computing, a Global Leader in Full-Stack Quantum Computing, Announces Plans to Become Publicly Traded via Merger with Supernova Partners Acquisition Company II , valued at $1.5b SPACs 23.21
Oct-06-2021 Palantir Lands $823 Million Big Army Contract - Everything You Need To K... StockMarket 23.94
Oct-05-2021 Palantir (PLTR) Selected by US Army for Intelligence Data Fabric and Analytics Solution. wallstreetbets 23.21
Oct-05-2021 U.S Army Selects PLTR for intelligence data fabric and analytics solution. stocks 23.21
Oct-04-2021 $PLTR to Valhalla wallstreetbets 24.33
Oct-04-2021 NIH continue its collaboration with Palantir to support Covid-19 research. The data analytics company has been awarded a 2 year contract, with a potential total value of 59.5 mil.dollars. wallstreetbets 23.30
Oct-01-2021 Here's Your Daily Market Brief For October 1st StockMarket 24.04
Oct-01-2021 Palantir wins new contract with the Department of Veteran Affairs with a total potential value of 90.3 mil. dollars. wallstreetbets 24.29
Oct-01-2021 Palantir to issue additional shares, files form S-3ASR wallstreetbets 24.33
Oct-01-2021 Palantir files S-3ASR Form Automatic shelf registration statement wallstreetbets 24.33
Sep-30-2021 Palantir could lose a contract with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement wallstreetbets 24.04
Sep-29-2021 Palantir has won a 2 year contract with the National Institute of Health, worth 58 mil. dollars. wallstreetbets 25.34
Sep-29-2021 PLTR has won a 2 year contract, worth 58 mil. dollars, with the National Institutes of Health stocks 24.52
Sep-28-2021 Crypto Guru Pleads Guilty to Advising North Korea on Blockchain Technology. Brian Klein, a lawyer for Mr. Griffith, said Monday that his client “is sincerely remorseful.” Palantir said in a statement that the document-review platform has robust access and security controls. StockMarket 25.34
Sep-17-2021 PLTR is a buy - Jimmy Creamie wallstreetbets 28.71
Sep-16-2021 PLTR breaking news wallstreetbets 28.18
Sep-16-2021 Palantir and connected vehicle platform, Wejo, announce new partnership stocks 28.34
Sep-16-2021 Palantir details strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services to 'help customers build and deploy AI-powered decision-making applications' wallstreetbets 28.29
Sep-13-2021 $MOTV - Pre-IPO Marketplace Forge Global to Go Public in $2 Billion SPAC Deal SPACs 26.28
Sep-09-2021 U.S. Navy’s Solar Drone Will Fly 90-Day Missions Seeing All With Palantir Technology wallstreetbets 26.09
Sep-08-2021 $NXU - Renewable Storage Firm Energy Vault Reaches $1.6 Billion SPAC Deal to Go Public SPACs 25.58
Sep-02-2021 $SFTW BlackSky Secures Investment from Palantir SPACs 26.20