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Patents imply intellectual property and it has a $ value that can be associated depending on the field and type of patent that is allocated. Patents also increase the enterprise value of the company and help prevent copy-cats from copying the idea without having royalt payments or licencing deals. We like it when companies get patents awarded!. To protect IP companies aggressively file provisional patents even before they have a working product. The below table provides a way to look at what has been done by companies and use this as a factor to make investment decisions.

Title Filing Date Publication Date Grant Date
System for traction inside pipes, with flexible reservoir and with motorized … 2023-7-27 2023-7-27
Microemulsion composition to increase injectivity of water produced in … 2023-6-23 2023-10-19
Determination of downhole formation fluid contamination and certain component … 2023-6-06 2023-10-05
Process for separating carbon dioxide from a gas stream and use 2023-5-30 2023-5-30
Method for preparing a catalytic converter by displacement of water gas at high … 2023-5-26 2023-6-15
Polyvalent riser balcony 2023-4-28 2023-4-28
Cutting and drawing manual orbital machine of the pipe preservation system 2023-4-24 2023-10-26
System for improving flexibility of riser supports in stationary production … 2023-3-17 2023-3-17
Process and apparatus applied to third stage cyclone systems in fcc units 2023-3-16 2023-3-27
Massive co2 biofixation process and seaweed biomass production with the use of … 2023-3-03 2023-10-12
Control process for low voltage microgrids with distributed communication 2023-3-03 2023-9-14
Method of application of low salinity viscous fluid in drilling saline … 2023-2-21 2023-8-24
Third stage system with auto-bleed and use 2023-2-13 2023-2-16
Method for controlling a transmission gearwheel 2023-1-23 2023-8-10
Robot with magnetic shoes applied to the metallic surfaces coating process 2023-1-10 2023-7-13
Signal recovery method 2022-12-23 2023-7-13
Observation system, location and identification of damage in pipelines 2022-12-23 2023-6-29
System and method for smoothing photovoltaic generation intermittency 2022-12-22 2023-6-29
Organomineral fertilizer 2022-12-22 2023-7-06
Valve driving with mechanical delay 2022-12-22 2023-6-29
Oil recovery method integrated with the capture, utilization and storage of co2 … 2022-12-21 2023-6-29
Method and device for sampling pressure barrier of flexible pipes 2022-12-21 2023-6-29
Automated method for optimizing adjustment factors of flow models 2022-12-21 2023-6-29
Method for evaluation of oil lists for asphalt production 2022-12-20 2023-6-22
Method for determining the content, quality and maturation of organic matter in … 2022-12-19 2023-6-22
Device for reducing multiphase flow instability in pipes 2022-12-16 2023-7-27
Magnetic anti-scaling device 2022-12-16 2023-6-22
Integrated method for producing long-chain linear olefins and aviation kerosene … 2022-12-16 2023-6-29
Continuous monitoring system of dynamic equipment condition 2022-12-16 2023-6-22
System and method for synthesis of zeolite nanoparticles in continuous flow … 2022-12-16 2023-6-22
Method for estimating the service life of flexible pipes under co2 corrosion in … 2022-12-16 2023-7-13
Method for well acidizing, inhibition and damage elimination 2022-12-16 2023-6-30
System and method for unified sampling of particulate matter for reducing the … 2022-12-15 2023-6-15
Method for detecting operational failures 2022-12-15 2023-6-22
System and method for active power flow control and equalization for … 2022-12-14 2023-6-15
Data analog identification method 2022-12-14 2023-6-15
Methods for determining diagenetic patterns in carbonate rocks by resonance and … 2022-12-09 2023-6-15
Microfluidic system for oil sample analysis 2022-12-08 2023-6-15
Equipment for self-abandonment of wells 2022-12-08 2023-6-15
Coating repair application system using remotely piloted aircraft 2022-12-08 2023-6-15
Method for detecting inaccuracies and gaps and for suggesting deterioration … 2022-12-02 2023-6-08
Resident subsea pig launcher and receiver station 2022-12-02 2023-6-08
Method and system for measuring the characteristics of a multiphase flow 2022-12-01 2023-6-08
Integrated operation method in the use of catalyst in conventional and residue … 2022-11-30 2023-6-08
System and method for evaluation of the deposition in tubes of the furnaces of … 2022-11-29 2023-1-11
Optical system for measuring water-oil interface liquid level according to … 2022-11-28 2023-5-30
Method for extracting and structuring information 2022-11-28 2023-6-01
Process for obtaining polyamide membrane with nanostructured coating, membranes … 2022-11-28 2023-6-01
Portable analysis system 2022-11-22 2023-6-01
System for monitoring real- time flow assurance occurrences 2022-11-22 2023-5-25
Horizontal well production method with uniform flow 2022-11-22 2023-5-25
Pig with scale detection sensors 2022-11-22 2023-6-01
Rheological model of water-in-oil emulsions obtained by artificial intelligence 2022-11-18 2023-5-18
Process for the removal of h2s from natural gas at high pressures by means of a … 2022-11-18 2023-5-25
Method for analysis and detection of solids in emulsions, oil and derivatives … 2022-11-17 2023-5-18
Gas-lift mandrel provided with a scale inhibitor injection system 2022-11-17 2023-5-18
Method for determining the composition of water in low bsw oils 2022-11-14 2023-5-18
Modular structure for fixing radial electromagnetic actuators for non- … 2022-11-11 2023-5-18
Method for modeling the damage zone of faults in fractured reservoirs 2022-11-10 2023-5-18
Method for uniformization of flow for stimulation operations 2022-11-09 2023-5-11
Automated method for selecting oil producing wells to subsea demulsifier … 2022-11-07 2023-5-11
Polymer nanocomposite for use in electrical and electronic equipment with … 2022-10-28 2023-5-04
Method for quantification of loss of injectivity associated with corrosion … 2022-10-28 2023-5-04
Method for removing fouling using carbonic acid 2022-10-25 2023-4-27
Method of automatic characterization and removal of pad artifacts in ultrasonic … 2022-10-24 2023-4-27
Combined method for estimating injectivity loss in carbonate reservoirs 2022-10-21 2023-4-27
Catalyst for generation of hydrogen and/or synthesis gas, method for obtaining … 2022-10-20 2022-10-28
Chemical composition of wire for hardfacing applied on drilling pipe tool … 2022-10-17 2023-4-20
Foam formulation and its use in temporary pipe plugging 2022-10-06 2023-4-06
Phase management system in oil and gas production subsea streams 2022-10-06 2023-4-10
Integrated production process of tert-butyl ethers of glycerol or isooctene … 2022-10-04 2023-4-06
Remotely controlled connection of umbilical cable with a robot for … 2022-9-30 2023-4-06
Remote and autonomous chemical treatment system for application in producing … 2022-9-30 2023-4-06
Well conditioning method for wireline logging using dedicated aqueous based … 2022-9-30 2023-4-06
Process for obtaining synthetic geopolymers and synthetic geopolymers 2022-9-13 2023-4-13
Method for preparing a catalyst for one-step production of butadiene from … 2022-9-12 2023-3-16
Rigid riser support automation 2022-9-01 2023-3-09
System for demolding materials obtained by means of the freeze-casting … 2022-9-01 2023-3-02
System for anchoring by self-locking of woven fibre sleeves 2022-9-01 2023-3-03
Electronic system for recovering the communication signal of the bottom sensor … 2022-9-01 2023-7-06
Diverless unified support tube 2022-8-31 2023-3-09
Hydraulic actuation system for diverless bell mouth 2022-8-31 2023-3-09
Use of nanofluid for the removal of oil and salts in rock samples of petroleum … 2022-8-25 2022-9-09
Power high-density dc/dc conversion system with overvoltage protection for … 2022-8-24 2023-3-09
Shearography system for subsea inspections 2022-8-18 2023-2-23
Method of assessment of the quality of the burn of the gases in the flare and … 2022-8-18 2023-4-20
Laser mandrel for removal of scale in production equipment 2022-8-18 2023-2-23
Dhsv scale removal method in the production string 2022-8-18 2023-2-23
Process for producing biodiesel from acidic raw materials 2022-8-16 2023-9-26 2023-9-26
Process for the integrated production of h2 and aviation kerosene from a … 2022-8-11 2023-2-16
Method of preparing the water-gas shift catalyst, catalyst, use and process to … 2022-8-10 2023-2-23
Method of preparing the water-gas shift catalyst, catalyst, use and process to … 2022-8-09 2023-4-19
Method for preparing a steam reforming catalyst, catalyst and related use 2022-8-05 2022-8-10
Retractable mechanical device and method for cleaning tubular structures and … 2022-7-14 2022-7-14
Tunable viscoelastic neutralizer with oscillating mass on shaft for control of … 2022-7-12 2023-1-19
Catalyst and Process for Thermo-Neutral Reforming of Petroleum- Based Liquid … 2022-7-11 2022-7-18
Submarine reel drive system and method for reeling in and launching flexible … 2022-7-06 2023-2-16