We've tried to summarize the data from some of the stock subreddits here into different categories. The categories are Recent Posts, Due Diligence (DD), Discussions or News. The News here is usually not the news in media but still very relevant information.

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Date Title Subreddit Price
Jun-05-2022 Gilded Age Gang Cheat Sheet - 5/27/22 Vitards 128.71
Apr-01-2022 $X $CLF $NUE $CMC $STLD $LTHM $ALB $QMB options 148.65
Mar-21-2022 Steel Wars Vitards 142.75
Mar-11-2022 Massive $CMC increase. Expect $NUE to follow Vitards 133.56
Jan-17-2022 $NUE January 2022 Market Projections Vitards 110.82
Jan-13-2022 Leave MT alone! Vitards 114.72
Jan-12-2022 Steelmageddon DD Vitards 114.72
Jan-12-2022 Undercover's 2021 Year in Review Vitards 114.72
Jan-06-2022 [YOLO Update Vitards 122.72
Jan-05-2022 Joe Terranova buys Nucor... Vitards 124.64

Reddit DD Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Mar-21-2022 Steel Wars Vitards 142.75
Jan-12-2022 Steelmageddon DD Vitards 114.72
Dec-29-2021 [TA Vitards 114.87
Nov-09-2021 (11/9) Tuesday's Pre-Market Stock Movers & News wallstreetbets 116.24
Nov-01-2021 CLF Prediction (Steel Purchaser and Salesman Here) wallstreetbets 109.22
Oct-18-2021 The Thesis - Is Dead? Long live The Thesis. Global Steel Updates, Inputs, Macros, China, The Market and my ramblings. Vitards 102.53
Oct-17-2021 Weekly TA update - October 17th Vitards 101.78
Oct-17-2021 Historical Post Earnings Moves MEGA Compilation (Q3 Week 2) - $TSLA, $NFLX, $SNAP, $INTC, $CLF, $AAL, $VZ, $NUE and More wallstreetbets 101.78
Oct-10-2021 Weekly TA update - October 10th Vitards 97.97
Oct-03-2021 Weekly TA update - October 3rd Vitards 97.65
Sep-26-2021 Weekly TA update - September 26th Vitards 100.92
Sep-19-2021 Weekly TA update - September 19th Vitards 104.89
Sep-18-2021 My Cliff Notes Vitards 104.89
Sep-14-2021 $SID - The Oversold, Undiscussed Infrastructure Cash Cow wallstreetbets 107.29
Sep-14-2021 $SID - A Brazilian Infrastructure Giant Vitards 107.90
Sep-12-2021 Weekly TA update - September 12th Vitards 112.25
Sep-05-2021 Weekly TA update - September 5th Vitards 114.05
Aug-30-2021 Weekly TA update - August 29th Vitards 119.85
Aug-29-2021 GS - SMU Steel Summit 2021 takeaways Vitards 119.85
Aug-21-2021 Weekly TA update - August 21st Vitards 116.42
Aug-18-2021 Credit Suisse is Still Playing Catchup - Positive Revisions for $X, $CLF and the Whole Industry Vitards 120.77
Aug-15-2021 Weekly TA update - August 15th Vitards 125.24
Aug-11-2021 Array Technologies (ARRY) A Mispriced Opportunity, Infrastructure Play In Alternative Energy wallstreetbets 118.10
Aug-08-2021 The Weekly DD - Cleveland Cliffs (CLF): The Turn-Around Story in Steel-Making stocks 104.31
Aug-08-2021 The Weekly DD - Cleveland Cliffs (CLF): The Turn-Around Story in Steel-Making Vitards 104.31
Aug-08-2021 The Weekly DD - Cleveland Cliffs (CLF): The Turn-Around Story in Steel-Making wallstreetbets 104.31
Aug-08-2021 Weekly TA update - August 8th Vitards 104.31
Aug-05-2021 Nucor (Nue) no brainer play wallstreetbets 104.14
Aug-05-2021 Nucor (Nue) no brained play wallstreetbets 104.22
Aug-05-2021 The Real $F DD. 50% Life Pro Tip 50% Shitpost Vitards 101.51
Aug-03-2021 HRC projections vs share prices (updated) Vitards 106.00
Aug-01-2021 Weekly TA update - August 1st Vitards 104.02
Jul-29-2021 $CLF 'Value Don't Lie" wallstreetbets 103.55
Jul-23-2021 [TA Vitards 93.85
Jul-18-2021 Historical Post Earnings Moves MEGA Compilation and Analysis (Q2 Week 2) - $NFLX, $SNAP, $TWTR, $KO, $T, $CLF, $NUE, and More wallstreetbets 92.04
Jul-14-2021 US vs EU steel alternatives? comparison to post-war period? Vitards 95.08
Jul-08-2021 Oppose CLF in NUE vs CLF and get CRUSHED! Vitards 95.69
Jul-06-2021 $SCHN: The Scrap Attack. (Part I: Balls of Steel) wallstreetbets 92.55
Jul-06-2021 $SCHN: The Scrap Attack. (Part I: Balls of Steel) wallstreetbetsOGs 92.55
Jul-06-2021 What’s going on? Is the thesis dead. . .it sure feels like it today! It’s not and here is why. . . Vitards 92.55
Jul-03-2021 CLF is bussin here’s why (DD written for smooth brains) wallstreetbets 96.52
Jun-26-2021 I wrote a thing on $CLF: Cleveland-Cliffs: Market Is Still Not Pricing The Fair Value Vitards 96.69
Jun-22-2021 Steel for the Americas – Ternium DD ($TX) Vitards 95.68
Jun-21-2021 DD & deep dive into $CLF. wallstreetbets 95.86
Jun-19-2021 Break out the tinfoil hats. RTX, NUE, and THC to the fucking cosmos. wallstreetbets 93.02
Jun-17-2021 STEEL - updated guidance, upgraded PT’s, rising futures, rising prices, short supply and worsening by the day - YET, the stocks got murdered - WTF?! . . .AND WHY IT’S GOING TO BE “OK”. Vitards 95.25
Jun-13-2021 The Day Lourenco Goncalves came to CLF - The story of 'Cliffs Natural Resources' in 2011-2014 Vitards 106.59
Jun-13-2021 Steel industry Vitards 106.59
Jun-11-2021 CLF CEO - referring to the Older Idle Steel Facilities - Saids “That capacity is not coming back, and people need to stop talking about that capacity,” wallstreetbets 106.31
Jun-10-2021 CLF - we like our steel now 💎🙌🚀 wallstreetbets 107.58
Jun-04-2021 Futures prices -- priced in or not? Vitards 107.07
Jun-03-2021 Trucking, Logistics, The collapse of the Toyota model of JIT Supply Chains and $ARCB. A light DD. Vitards 106.60
May-26-2021 China, China, China and their attempt to deflate commodity prices, targeting severe punishment for excessive speculation, fake news, hoarding, price-fixing and other “illegal” activity - Why to stay calm and trust the thesis! Vitards 100.49
May-19-2021 $NUE is strong as steel. Buy the dips. wallstreetbets 101.53
May-19-2021 $NUE is strong as steel. Buy the dips. Vitards 101.53
May-18-2021 $X might mark the spot on a 2X or 3X. Vitards 103.47
May-16-2021 $KCO.DE Klöckner & Co SE / $KCO.DE / DE000KC01000 Vitards 102.51
May-16-2021 The Vitard Starter Pack – Steel Thesis DD Compilation and Topic Summaries Vitards 102.51
May-16-2021 A couple more GS updates to steel Vitards 102.51
May-15-2021 $X might mark the spot on a 2X-3X wallstreetbets 102.51
May-13-2021 $CLF Price Target - Doing the Simple Math Vitards 100.72
May-07-2021 Chart of futures - PRiCEd iN? Vitards 95.69
May-05-2021 Inflation, Commodities Supercycles & Broken Supply Chains: Why macroeconomic conditions have aligned to make $CLF America’s number 1 steel company (and perhaps trigger a short squeeze in the process!) wallstreetbets 90.14
May-05-2021 DD I wrote about our big steel dog CLF. Thanks for teaching me everything I know, r/Vitards --- "Inflation, Commodities Supercycles & Broken Supply Chains: Why macroeconomic conditions have aligned to make $CLF America’s number 1 steel company" Vitards 91.93
May-01-2021 Let's Talk About SCRAP Vitards 82.26
Apr-28-2021 GS raises CLF PT to $21 from $20, still neutral. Vitards 81.58
Apr-28-2021 GS's take on CLF (April 9) from sell-side report Vitards 81.58
Apr-24-2021 $NVAX Update: Historic Results in Malaria Vaccine Trial Vitards 77.83
Apr-08-2021 $X Crayon Request -- What the indicators have to say Vitards 79.60
Apr-08-2021 $NUE Analysis -- Sponsored by Crayola™️ Vitards 79.60

Reddit Recent Discussions Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Jan-12-2022 Undercover's 2021 Year in Review Vitards 114.72
Jan-03-2022 I closed all steel positions today for a small (<1%) net loss. Vitards 114.87
Dec-13-2021 Historical North American Steel Companies Share Performance Vitards 115.55
Nov-30-2021 The (bear) case of CLF/steel Vitards 107.72
Nov-06-2021 Stocks immune to inflation and rising rates? Vitards 112.20
Oct-12-2021 NUE calls & mitigating loss. Vitards 98.62
Oct-06-2021 Analysts' Recommendations Vitards 95.95
Sep-26-2021 Reasons why $X will give it to ya (Institutional holding comparison) Vitards 100.92
Sep-20-2021 Steel Production Numbers? Vitards 96.88
Sep-18-2021 My Steel Hurts: A market mechanics deep dive Vitards 104.89
Sep-14-2021 Parable of Uncle Joe Vitards 107.42
Sep-13-2021 Potential OpEx impact on the darlings Vitards 112.25
Aug-22-2021 Steel Stock P/E Comparison on August 22, 2021 Vitards 116.42
Aug-18-2021 Jim Cramer pumping $NUE over $CLF, again... it's obvious he's vested in $NUE... Vitards 121.64
Aug-11-2021 3 months ago I posted about NUE, yesterday I saw my tiny account grow larger than it's ever grown before - holy shit my wife's boyfriend might finally leave her for me (also a tax question) wallstreetbets 122.34
Aug-03-2021 List of tickers for the thesis Vitards 106.67
Jul-30-2021 $X gonna give it to you, and you're gonna like it. Biggest earnings in COMPANY HISTORY? wallstreetbets 102.65
Jul-26-2021 TX: a case for its role as harbinger of steel glory Vitards 97.76
Jul-23-2021 Q&A: Steel mills in driver seat, says Ratner president Vitards 94.33
Jul-17-2021 Just curious, what happened today? Vitards 92.04
Jul-17-2021 This has to stop. It's toxic. Vitards 92.04
Jul-07-2021 Relative Rotation For Our Favorite Stocks Vitards 95.69
Jul-06-2021 The Dude's Q3 Macro Notes Vitards 92.55
Jun-26-2021 $CLF looks very undervalued.. HRC futures closed at a record again wallstreetbets 96.69
Jun-26-2021 $CLF Looks primed.. HRC closed at record highs again Vitards 96.69
Jun-22-2021 Steel is already making more money than it knows what to do with, and it just might fuck you over Vitards 95.86
Jun-22-2021 Market has been confusing Vitards 96.34
Jun-22-2021 For those that like both Crude Oil and Steel plays: XOM, NUE, CLF for the next 12 months. Zacks rank $XOM as strong buy Vitards 95.68
Jun-20-2021 Don't change the channel Sharon! Vitards 93.02
Jun-19-2021 MT/CLF/NUE/STLD - Jan '22 calls payoff chart Vitards 93.02
Jun-19-2021 Starting Positions Advice Vitards 93.02
Jun-18-2021 Platinum Group Metals (PGM) entering a super cycle says one of the largest precious metal miners ($SBSW). More generally, a greening economy may be a catalyst for commodity inflation Vitards 93.01
Jun-17-2021 X downgraded because it’s not as flashy as STLD or NUCOR. Don’t care this chopper I’m revving is US STEEL BABY wallstreetbets 99.94
Jun-17-2021 Market discouting future growth Vitards 95.25
Jun-16-2021 Steel Good News Thread Vitards 99.94
Jun-14-2021 Steel and Crude oil for the next 12 months play! NUE, CLF, and XOM Vitards 102.21
Jun-13-2021 Taking a chance with NUE Vitards 106.59
Jun-12-2021 Question to the the OG Vitards: can you pinpoint or explain the reason(s) Bethlehem steel went under, and how does that compare to the current operations of CLF or Nucor Vitards 106.59
Jun-10-2021 A Vitard's Guide to Investing- Having a plan Vitards 106.31
Jun-09-2021 Welcome to the steel jungle Vitards 107.58
Jun-05-2021 Any ideas about the future of X? Vitards 108.78
Jun-04-2021 Can someone please help me understand how UBS raises their PT on NUE by 67% (44 let’s - from 66 to 110) yet stocks with a neutral rating? Vitards 108.38
Jun-03-2021 Housing Market plays wallstreetbets 106.91
May-29-2021 Fundamentalists Wet Dream. Forward P/E, P/B, EV/EBITA, Debt/Equity For Major Steel Companies Vitards 102.54
May-25-2021 Jim Cramer's Mad Money Update 5/25/21 Vitards 100.05
May-17-2021 Jim Cramer thinks that $NUE is overvalued, hints at trimming position, suggests you do the same. Vitards 104.67
May-16-2021 The real story behind U.S. Steel’s Mon Valley project cancelation Vitards 102.51
May-16-2021 Crayon Art Gallery: Commodity Trends - Update 2 Vitards 102.51
May-16-2021 Steel Gang - GS increases its price deck, increases PTs wallstreetbetsOGs 102.51
May-12-2021 Canam, New Millennium (Steel Dynamics), Vulcraft (Nuecore) Vitards 95.69
May-11-2021 Nucor Corp (NUE), am I a retard for going all-in? wallstreetbets 100.64
May-10-2021 Call for Finance Vitards: what would the cost of acquiring SCHN be? Vitards 98.76
May-10-2021 MT - Possible Value Play? wallstreetbets 101.30
May-07-2021 Vito's July PTs compared to current price Vitards 95.69
May-06-2021 PROFITS Vitards 95.69
May-05-2021 NUE about to break resistance - will it be rejected? Vitards 92.25
May-05-2021 NUE 🚀🚀🚀🚀 wallstreetbets 92.51
May-04-2021 Spring Steel Wire Price Increases Vitards 89.20
May-03-2021 Lowest debt steel companies - The mainstream institutional steel play? Vitards 85.83
May-02-2021 Crayon Art Gallery: Commodity Trends - Update 1 Vitards 82.26

Reddit News Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Jun-05-2022 Gilded Age Gang Cheat Sheet - 5/27/22 Vitards 128.71
Mar-11-2022 Massive $CMC increase. Expect $NUE to follow Vitards 133.56
Jan-17-2022 $NUE January 2022 Market Projections Vitards 110.82
Jan-05-2022 Joe Terranova buys Nucor... Vitards 124.64
Nov-17-2021 Steel Prices to Rise Next Year - CLF NUE X STLD Vitards 110.70
Oct-21-2021 Nucor CEO Topalian reviews earnings and outlook for Nucor... Vitards 100.22
Oct-21-2021 $NUE record earnings-- and up 4% today!! Vitards 102.07
Oct-18-2021 Morgan Stanley analyst Carlos de Alba downgrades STLD, X, downward revisions on CLF, NUE. Second image are his TipRanks PTs Vitards 100.55
Oct-15-2021 Barrons - 5 stocks to play the steepening yield curve Vitards 101.78
Oct-12-2021 Cramer on Mad Money pushing $NUE again for his charitable trust... You know what that means.... Vitards 98.62
Oct-12-2021 BGL Announces the Sale of Grossman Iron and Steel Company to DJJ, a Nucor subsidiary. Vitards 99.60
Oct-08-2021 CEO of $NUE interviewed on @MadMoneyOnCNBC with @jimcramer . Great #steel company but smaller than $CLF, hence the $3B need to expand.... Vitards 98.95
Oct-07-2021 Cramer interviews Nucor CEO on Mad Money... great steel company but relatively small compared to US Steel and Cleveland Cliffs, hence the need to expand... Vitards 98.95
Oct-06-2021 GS update to yank steel Vitards 95.99
Oct-05-2021 GS - Updates to EU steel coverage Vitards 96.78
Oct-04-2021 5 Steel Stocks to Play the Steel Industry's Revival Vitards 97.65
Oct-03-2021 Barron's steel article Vitards 97.65
Oct-02-2021 {Barron's Vitards 97.65
Sep-24-2021 Price increase announcement from Nucor on carbon steel plate. Represents a $80/ton increase. The mills, at least, think the price can be pushed higher. Vitards 101.18
Sep-20-2021 Nucor weighing Midwest sites for new $2.7 billion steel plant Vitards 96.88
Sep-16-2021 Nucor Expects Record Quarterly Earnings in the Third Quarter of 2021 Vitards 109.82
Sep-11-2021 It's Now a Buyer's Market for SPACs as Deal Terms Get Sweetened SPACs 112.25
Sep-01-2021 Green paths may be lined with US pipe, tube Vitards 116.94
Aug-31-2021 [Argus Vitards 117.56
Aug-24-2021 Cliffs to shift scrap buying internally Vitards 119.83
Aug-24-2021 "The more obvious the idea, the more money [there is Vitards 119.83
Aug-23-2021 CNBC: "Two Taper Tolerant Stocks to Watch" (NUE and CLF) Vitards 116.42
Aug-19-2021 Folks Are Finally Taking Notice of ZIM, CLF, Steel Vitards 120.77
Aug-13-2021 US Steel plans blast furnace outage at Gary Vitards 125.24
Aug-11-2021 German steel stockholder Kloeckner sees strong market to persist Vitards 118.10
Aug-11-2021 Nucor is already at 118% rated capacity... Can they handle more demand from Infrastructure Bill? Or is CLF or X the better play? Let's let the market decide... Vitards 118.10
Aug-02-2021 Steelmageddon is definitely upon us! We just received a 12% price increase on July 1, this one adds an additional 22%... My $CLF, $MT and $NUE options/commons are very happy, my customers are not. Vitards 102.08
Aug-02-2021 Steelmageddon is definitely upon us! We just received a 12% price increase on July 1, this one adds an additional 22%... My $CLF, $MT and $NUE options/commons are very happy, my customers are not. Vitards 102.08
Jul-24-2021 Nucor, Cleveland-Cliffs: What History Tells Jim Cramer About the Stocks Vitards 94.33
Jul-07-2021 A bit TA for the "believers" and a bit of value interpetation Vitards 92.55
Jul-07-2021 Rethink Steel Says Credit Suisse (I think their analyst has been reading Vito's DD!) Vitards 95.66
Jun-30-2021 China GS is long NUE, SCHN, & STLD but Neutral on CLF,RS, & X, a negative on CMC. Vitards 95.43
Jun-25-2021 $SDI, $NUE hit with unplanned outages in US South & $CLF - supply will tighten Vitards 96.69
Jun-23-2021 Infrastructure Negotiators Agree to Framework for Package – Bipartisan Group to Meet with Biden on Thursday ($CLF $STLD $X $CMC $NUE - steel up slightly after hours) wallstreetbets 95.97
Jun-21-2021 Cramer: Sell CLF, Buy NUE Vitards 95.86
Jun-19-2021 Options open interest change this week for NUE and MT (did you buy the dip or did you shit your pants?) Vitards 93.02
Jun-19-2021 Value Line Analysis from June 4, 2021 Vitards 93.02
Jun-17-2021 Cramer Suggests Buy More Nucor ($NUE) In Response To Catherine of NJ Vitards 95.25
Jun-14-2021 US rebar mills announce varying price increases Vitards 102.77
Jun-11-2021 Breaking NOW - I told you Vitards a BIG $CMC increase was coming. Expect $NUE & $STLD to follow. Perfect timing before earnings for guidance! Vitards 106.59
Jun-10-2021 Steelmakers Keep Old Plants Idle Despite Surging Prices - see the last sentence Vitards 109.11
Jun-09-2021 US Shredded Scrap Midwest Daily Rationale Vitards 109.00
Jun-07-2021 NUE goes shopping too Vitards 106.15
Jun-07-2021 Cramer bought the NUE dip today Vitards 107.37
May-25-2021 Mad Money Recap from 5/24/21 - $NUE, $VALE, $CLF Vitards 100.05
May-19-2021 Nucor follows Atlas, raises HSS prices by $125/nt Vitards 101.53
May-17-2021 Steel Stocks Are Soaring Despite Talks to Cut Tariffs. Here's Why. -- Barrons.com Vitards 104.64
May-14-2021 US wire rod market reacts to price increase Vitards 100.80
May-14-2021 Jim is catching on 💪💪🏿 $NUE, $X, $CLF Vitards 100.40
May-13-2021 NUE announces new buyback! Vitards 95.99
Apr-29-2021 'Unprecedented Steel Bubble': Here's How To Play It Vitards 82.41
Apr-16-2021 $NUE - shit hitting fan today, immediate increase, even on orders already on the books for months. Price protection is a thing of the past for steel. 🚀 Vitards 79.50
Apr-09-2021 Goldman Sachs with PT upgrades, initiations and recommendations Vitards 80.29