Latest Patents

Patents imply intellectual property and it has a $ value that can be associated depending on the field and type of patent that is allocated. Patents also increase the enterprise value of the company and help prevent copy-cats from copying the idea without having royalt payments or licencing deals. We like it when companies get patents awarded!. To protect IP companies aggressively file provisional patents even before they have a working product. The below table provides a way to look at what has been done by companies and use this as a factor to make investment decisions.

Title Filing Date Publication Date Grant Date
Multi-source item creation system 2022-12-27 2023-4-27
Online Marketplace Cooperative Promotional Platform 2022-12-19 2023-4-20
Implementing machine learning in a low latency environment 2022-10-28 2023-5-11
Systems and Methods for Shopping in an Electronic Commerce Environment 2022-10-20 2023-2-09
Systems and Methods for Guided Construction of a Search Query in an Electronic … 2022-7-08 2022-10-27
Automated Model Selection 2022-6-03 2023-3-30
Intuitive entity navigation 2022-5-18 2022-9-01
Blackbox optimization via model ensembling 2022-5-16 2022-12-22
Attribute-based item ranking during a web session 2022-2-28 2022-9-01
Implementing machine learning in a low latency environment 2021-11-03 2023-5-04
Unified machine learning feature data pipeline 2021-10-05 2022-4-14
Evolving multi-objective ranking models for gross merchandise value … 2021-2-05 2023-3-09
Method and Apparatus for Requesting Products 2021-1-08 2021-5-27
Exchange platform activity prediction 2020-8-27 2021-3-04
Image and Text Data Hierarchical Classifiers 2020-2-24 2020-7-02
Identifying direct and indirect effects in A/B tests 2019-11-08 2021-9-28 2021-9-28
Systems and Methods for Searching in an Electronic Commerce Environment 2019-6-13 2019-9-26
Physical item optimization using velocity factors 2019-2-04 2020-8-06
Creating distinct user spaces through user identifiers 2017-11-21 2018-3-22
Transactional Cards 2017-4-17 2017-8-03
Person-to-person viewing of recommended items as grouped into categories 2016-12-16 2017-9-28
Synthesis and molecular weight control of aliphatic polyester diols 2015-9-15 2016-3-17
Method, apparatus and system for providing access to product data 2015-9-09 2016-3-03
Enhancing a user's shopping experience 2015-9-04 2018-7-10 2018-7-10
Searching Data in a Social Network to Provide an Answer to an Information … 2013-10-25 2014-2-20
System and method for shopping by color 2013-10-04 2014-5-22
Method and apparatus for requesting products 2013-5-09 2013-5-30
Person-to-person item recommendation with decline 2013-3-15 2014-9-18
Sharing networks determined by sharing of items between individuals 2013-3-15 2014-4-29 2014-4-29
Item discovery tools and methods for shopping in an electronic commerce … 2012-5-03 2012-11-08
Systems and methods for shopping in an electronic commerce environment 2012-1-27 2012-8-02
Methods, systems, and products for conducting electronic commerce 2011-10-19 2012-5-08 2012-5-08
Methods and apparatus for secure data sharing 2011-7-07 2014-5-20 2014-5-20
System, method and computer program product for information sorting and … 2011-6-22 2015-11-03 2015-11-03
Failure recovery method 2011-3-18 2011-7-14
Master mold manufacturing method and mold structure manufacturing method 2011-3-18 2011-9-22
Systems and methods for shopping in an electronic commerce environment 2011-1-28 2012-8-02
Systems and methods for shopping in an electronic commerce environment 2011-1-28 2012-8-02
System and method for content extraction from unstructured sources 2010-9-14 2011-7-07
Method for performing interactive online shopping 2009-10-30 2014-12-30 2014-12-30
Systems and methods for delivering item price notifications to a mobile device 2008-12-17 2010-2-02 2010-2-02
Efficient fuzzy matching of a test item to items in a database 2007-8-23 2010-8-03 2010-8-03
System and method for dynamic categorization 2007-7-26 2008-2-21
Apparatus and method for providing secure communication on a network 2005-11-21 2013-11-05 2013-11-05
Mise en œuvre d'un apprentissage automatique dans un environnement à faible … 2022-10-28 2023-5-11