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Date Title Subreddit Price
Apr-18-2022 Is anyone in CEI? Shortsqueeze 0.87
Apr-16-2022 CEI Shortsqueeze 0.87
Apr-15-2022 Next play $ATER is a no brainer but let see also $CEI (low free float) Shortsqueeze 0.87
Apr-12-2022 Oil Stocks News: What's Going on With IMPP, INDO, ENSV, CEI Stocks Today? StockMarket 0.69
Apr-04-2022 Selling cash covered puts options 0.84
Apr-01-2022 All of the tickers that get pumped here suddenly become these amazing long term undervalued plays Shortsqueeze 0.83
Mar-31-2022 Buy Now! CEI. PROJECTED $1 StockMarket 0.84
Mar-25-2022 Guys stop chasing the obvious pump and dump NILE and get in on one of these CEI IMPP HUSA. Oil/Energy stocks are booming right now 🚀 and you’re missing out! Shortsqueeze 0.89
Mar-24-2022 i’m just waiting for that day when CEI, NILE, and BBIG take off. Then we can cheer and celebrate that we made some extra coin. Shortsqueeze 0.89
Mar-21-2022 $Cei Shortsqueeze 0.94

Reddit DD Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Mar-11-2022 MULN / CEI Shortsqueeze 1.07
Mar-11-2022 CEI clean energy play StockMarket 0.92
Jan-17-2022 Verifiable DD on Camber and Naked Shorts wallstreetbets 0.75
Dec-28-2021 APT: black out or get out, nye special SqueezePlays 0.96
Dec-08-2021 $CEI. Big news from CEO today as well. Shortsqueeze 1.12
Nov-28-2021 $CEI - Camber Energy Inc. DD - A Tale of Two Stocks Shortsqueeze 1.37
Nov-07-2021 $CEI #ESG Shortsqueeze 1.32
Nov-07-2021 So much positive $CEI INFORMATION 🐂🐂🐂🐂 Shortsqueeze 1.32
Oct-24-2021 Sec should look into sahm adrangi and kerrisdale and the offshore accounts…. $CEI $VKIN WILL PREVAIL. SAHM ADRANGI karma for screwing people and taking there money illegally with your fake short report! Shortsqueeze 1.44
Oct-12-2021 I was thinking about hopping back into CEI and then I saw this!😱🤢 I don't see any news of any public offerings so can someone explain to me how the fk this happened? StockMarket 1.44
Oct-10-2021 Next Play Technologies $NXTP (next Zack Morris swing!) $CEI $DATS Shortsqueeze 1.71
Oct-09-2021 Next Play Technologies $NXTP (next Zack Morris swing!) $CEI $DATS MillennialBets 1.71
Oct-06-2021 $CEI Camber Energy: Current price action- Best Case for a Short Squeeze Trigger at $3. StockMarket 0.91
Oct-04-2021 PROG, ATER, CEI, BBIG, FAMI.. sound familiar? Shortsqueeze 3.25
Oct-03-2021 Monday Come, $PED ⛽️🔜🚀 Shortsqueeze 3.25
Sep-30-2021 $BEST inc being overlooked, which I think is a big mistake considering their 29.52% short float. If you like $FAMI, $MKD, $CEI etc.,. you should look into $BEST, IMO. SqueezePlays 3.82
Sep-29-2021 $PROG - The beaten-down stock with over 40% short interest. If your wife's boyfriend impregnated your wife, then I'm sure you'll love this stock for the right reasons. SqueezePlays 3.22
Sep-29-2021 CEI baby Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-29-2021 I brought you $BBIG, and now I am bringing you $PROG with over 40% short interest. Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-29-2021 Some of you may already be aware , but for those who aren't , $CEI is going parabolic SqueezePlays 3.42
Sep-29-2021 Exploding Penny Stocks 🔥 #CEI 🔥 #FAMI #PROG 🔥 These penny stocks will be a banger! WHY? Watch it🔥 Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-28-2021 Some technical analysis for clueless retards (ATER/SDC/BBIG/CEI) Shortsqueeze 3.22
Sep-27-2021 #CEI and #NAKD 🔥Massive runner! Will they move higher this week?What the price action is telling us🔥 Shortsqueeze 2.72
Sep-24-2021 #CEI🔥 Carbon-capture patent! Bullish Price action! Short squeeze coming for a pop? Price analysis🔥 Shortsqueeze 2.04
Sep-16-2021 Camber Energy $CEI Shortsqueeze 1.69
Sep-13-2021 You want a sleeper play? Here's a sleeper play - $IO - Ion Geophysical Corp SqueezePlays 1.44

Reddit Recent Discussions Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Apr-18-2022 Is anyone in CEI? Shortsqueeze 0.87
Apr-01-2022 All of the tickers that get pumped here suddenly become these amazing long term undervalued plays Shortsqueeze 0.83
Mar-31-2022 Buy Now! CEI. PROJECTED $1 StockMarket 0.84
Mar-13-2022 Markets whacked yet again - What stocks are setting up around social sentiment FluentInFinance 0.92
Mar-11-2022 What do you guys think of CEI? Shortsqueeze 1.07
Jan-03-2022 LIVE: AMC, CEI, SAVA, NTRB, NAKD, NIO, LI, XPEV, TSLA & Other Stocks. Wh... Shortsqueeze 0.85
Dec-27-2021 LIVE: CEI, AVCT, MBOT, PYR, FTFT, CLGN, SPRB, RELI & Other Stocks. Where... Shortsqueeze 1.02
Dec-11-2021 FRIDAY RUNDOWN: AMC, GME, ISIG, PPSI, CEI, VSTA StockMarket 1.10
Nov-25-2021 Institutional Holders and Stock Movements around Earnings FluentInFinance 1.37
Nov-21-2021 Short Interest update from Ortex Nov 19. What does next week look like? BBIG, PROG, LGVN, CEI. Shortsqueeze 1.21
Nov-18-2021 Cei back on the move? wallstreetbets 1.44
Nov-07-2021 GGPI, CRTX, SEAH, CEI, BMRA, ATER, SDC, BTTX, and my baby AMC are my plays for this week let me hear some of yours.... :) MOOONIN Shortsqueeze 1.32
Nov-05-2021 LIVE: OCGN, PROG, RWLK, ASRT, CFLT CEI & Other Stocks Analysis. Where To... Shortsqueeze 1.24
Nov-04-2021 Apex put out a list of "Gen Z Top 100 holdings" on 2021-11-03 along with a nice little article about the upcoming IPO (via $NTSB ;) ... Thoughts? wallstreetbets 1.25
Oct-26-2021 Looking for some Ape input on ELMS wallstreetbets 1.33
Oct-25-2021 LIVE: BENE, MARK, PHUN, DWAC, CEI, CRTD & Other Stocks Analysis. Where T... Shortsqueeze 1.44
Oct-24-2021 Don’t be stubborn. Have your funds ready to move quickly to catch the $DWAC and $DWACW momentum tomorrow first thing. Shortsqueeze 1.44
Oct-17-2021 Transparency from CEO James Doris of CEI two videos of most recent status of company and what they are doing some CEO need to take notes on how he stays connected with his investors StockMarket 1.37
Oct-13-2021 What to do next? PROG 🐸 or CEI 👁 Shortsqueeze 1.44
Oct-12-2021 Quick volume check on $PROG - this pm volume is f🐸cking huge. We’ll overtake CEI in volume today, let’s hope we surpass 300m. Shortsqueeze 1.63
Oct-09-2021 What is up with CEI? stocks 1.71
Oct-06-2021 The scathing report on CEI by Karrisdale Capital is high effort and looks legit. Also, I'd like to know how often short sellers make this kind of report available to the public like this. Shortsqueeze 1.53
Oct-06-2021 $PROG $CEI $ATER Shortsqueeze 1.53
Oct-06-2021 $CEI... does it fall under a dolla or does it recover to the 2s? Shortsqueeze 0.98
Oct-05-2021 What happened to CEI? Are you still holding ? Shortsqueeze 1.53
Oct-05-2021 @SECGov please investigate @KerrisdaleCap to see if they covered their short position after releasing a misleading press release about $CEI today. Shortsqueeze 1.53
Oct-05-2021 Your preset stop loss is not valid during and after a SEC trade suspension if after trading resumes the price is below the price you set. StockMarket 1.53
Oct-04-2021 PROG VS CEI Shortsqueeze 3.25
Oct-04-2021 TOP 10 Stocks Moving Higher Today October 4, 2021: XENE, ESBK, AREC, CEI, FAMI, SDPI, MARA - The Finance Headline StockMarket 3.31
Oct-04-2021 Loads of FTD's on their way for PROG, FAMI, CEI, SOFI, PALT, NAKD & METX? Shortsqueeze 3.09
Oct-04-2021 Oil/ Energy Tickers to Watch Tomorrow: Shortsqueeze 3.09
Oct-04-2021 Congratulations to everyone who took profits on PROG and CEI on Friday that was a good call! For those who still holding good luck in the long term. Big sell volume coming in with the MACD looking scary and RSI not looking so promising. A change of sentiment is kicking in volatility/momentum/data. Shortsqueeze 3.09
Oct-03-2021 My "DollarGeneral" theory on identifying the best short squeezes Shortsqueeze 3.25
Sep-30-2021 Last day of the month, you know what that means. Now the question is; load up £2k on CEI for a hopeful swing back to $4-5 or increase my already-generous position in $ATER. What’s everyone playing? Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-30-2021 $Cei buy the dip Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-30-2021 COMMENT TODAYS TOP TICKER Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-29-2021 Anybody have ANY DD on CEI, GROM, etc? These random cheap stocks just came out of nowhere mooning and suddenly start getting spammed here. Shortsqueeze 4.25
Sep-29-2021 Looks like $CEI popped a viagra in AH. Up 10% and doesn’t look like it’s being talked about Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-29-2021 CEO of Camber Energy Inc. confirms fake offering report wallstreetbets 3.42
Sep-29-2021 Seeing all these CEI penny flippers celebrating their Big Macs gains make me sick Shortsqueeze 3.42
Sep-28-2021 Hella red day but Camber Energy up 12%!!! Shortsqueeze 3.04
Sep-27-2021 Trying not to FOMO, how much room does CEI have left to run? 🤔 Shortsqueeze 2.56
Sep-27-2021 SDC Thoughts? Shortsqueeze 2.72
Sep-26-2021 You know you have done your own DD when you are actually confident when it dips because it provides a great buying opportunity. For me at the moment for my day trades I have that confidence in CEI to $3 and CYBL till it’s on the NASDAQ. MONSTER 👿 Shortsqueeze 2.04
Sep-24-2021 Camber Energy is Flaming now. StockMarket 2.15
Sep-23-2021 CEI to $3+ Up 10%+ in PM. SSR triggered yesterday for today. Retail interest, high volume, low price. Heavily shorted, positive news, growth in its future as a leader in carbon capture and storage. If Elon chooses them to work with, it’s over. 🚀 Merge with Viking, new leadership. I’ll post my losses StockMarket 1.46
Sep-18-2021 I believe the next big plays are SHIB for crypto, SDC early next week. Deep value plays are CEI to $3-$10. Easy. And still digging deeper in DD, but SONN to $2 for now. Your thoughts? Thanks! Shortsqueeze 1.69
Sep-16-2021 What I am buying and holding at the moment. Your thoughts? I’m excited for SHIB & SONN the most. FERN & CYBL in OTC. Shortsqueeze 1.64
Sep-16-2021 These are my plays at the moment. This is what l like. What about you? StockMarket 1.64
Sep-15-2021 I’m on a run, like 5 for 5 finishing with ATER. I’m eyeing CEI to $3, lots of DD you can find on it. Also ROOT, SDC, and PROG. Thoughts? What are you watching? Love me some good DD. Shortsqueeze 1.64
Sep-13-2021 This CEI community has had a big increase in members in the last 24 hours. MillennialBets 1.52
Sep-12-2021 Looking to invest into Camber Energy, Inc. $CEI Looking for advise and other opinions on $CEI please leave a comment of your opinion. Thanks Shortsqueeze 1.52
Sep-11-2021 $CEI "DD" Q´s on Camber Energy StockMarket 1.52
Sep-05-2021 CEI Stock A Go?????? wallstreetbets 0.83
Sep-03-2021 Camber Energy $CEI wallstreetbets 0.87

Reddit News Details

Date Title Subreddit Price
Apr-12-2022 Oil Stocks News: What's Going on With IMPP, INDO, ENSV, CEI Stocks Today? StockMarket 0.69
Oct-17-2021 If you guys haven't seen the new updates for CEI please click that link. Huge game changer after a phone call with the CEO of CEI and what was validated and what was shills spreading FUD. CEI is going to the moon💥🚀 StockMarket 1.37
Oct-17-2021 Here's the skinny on CEI StockMarket 1.37
Oct-08-2021 #premarket #watchlist 10/8 $CCXI - ChemoCentryx Announces FDA Approval of TAVNEOS™ (avacopan) in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis , $CEI - Encourages Camber Energy, Inc. Investors to Inquire About Class Action Investigation , $EFTR - eFFECTOR Therapeutics Stock Gains On Encouraging Preclinical Zotatifin StockMarket 1.78
Oct-07-2021 #premarket #watchlist 10/7 $CEI, $MRUS , $CYRN , $BBIG.. Any trading ideas? Welcome in comments! StockMarket 1.28
Sep-30-2021 #premarket #watchlist 09/30 $SDPI - no news. oil pump , $FAMI -Farmmi Issues CEO Update Letter; Expands Addressable Market Through Acquisition; Increased Growth and Expanded , $CEI - oil pump .... Any trading ideas? Welcome in comments! StockMarket 3.42
Sep-10-2021 CEI Stock - so this is why the volume is massive on this stock today? StockMarket 1.53
Sep-04-2021 Camber Energy Secures Exclusive IP License for Patented Carbon-Capture System - UP 85% this month and still under $1 StockMarket 0.83