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Bullish Statements during Earnings call

And we think that that business has the opportunity to get some tailwinds from lower energy cost and maybe chemicals cost as the year go by
When you think about Southeast Asian economies recovering and with inflation moderating, purchasing power is improving, tourism is improving in all those areas, you have at the moment very high prices of beef that's favoring pork and chicken
I'm confident in our ability to deliver solid results as we move into 2024 and continue to pave a path for long-term profit growth
But we still see the ability of the market to absorb all that capacity with a strong mill growth and with a strong demand for oils
Our strong cash flow and disciplined management of our balance sheet continues to allow us to invest in our business and return cash to shareholders
In January, with the expectation of continued strong cash flows in 2024, we announced an 11% increase in our quarterly dividend, raising our dividend to $0.50 per share, which marks 92 years of uninterrupted dividends and over 51 consecutive years of annual dividend increases
Our performance for 2023 shows the overall effectiveness of our strategy, where our broad portfolio of business is combined to deliver resilient results for the year
It has had a very good 2022 and 2023
As I look at our two-year track record over these 2025 objectives, we have delivered adjusted earnings per share at the top end of our $6 to $7 per share EPs objective
We have also continued to deliver ROIC above our 10% target
Through our strong performance, we have been able to fund the strategic investments in our businesses while returning cash to shareholders
We are expecting a very good 2024, maybe slightly lower, but still very, very good
We anticipate conversion of our significant pipeline opportunities in Human and Animal Nutrition to yield mid-single-digit revenue growth
One, managing the cycle; two, nutrition recovery; and three, enhanced return of cash to shareholders
For the full year, we anticipate another strong year, but slightly lower than 2023 as the improved volumes and margins in Sweeteners and Starches could be offset by weaker ethanol
Our Operational Excellence efforts and the ramp up of our Green Bison facility should lead to mid-to-high single digit improvement in our process volumes
We anticipate global soy crush margins within the range of $35 per metric ton to $60 per metric ton as the market balances better soybean availability against increased crush and renewable diesel capacity
So we think with that, I'm optimistic about 2025 being better than 2024
Direct farmer buying has been steadily increasing over the past several years and provides ADM an opportunity to maximize value for both sides by creating efficiencies through working directly together
From the demand side, we continue to expect vegetable oil demand growth from renewable diesel and low single digit soybean mill demand growth to support structural margin improvement
And as our customers strive to decarbonize their own products and services, we are seeing a steady increase in the financial returns generated by our own decarbonization efforts from Regen Ag partnerships to lowering the carbon footprint of our operations
We finished the year with strong momentum in terms of returning cash, repurchasing nearly 1.6 billion of shares in Q4 and nearly 330 million of shares so far in Q1
It has solid margins
And in Animal Nutrition, we have seen another quarter of sequential improvement in the base of the business, which excludes amino acids and pet solutions and early indications in the first quarter of 2024 suggest that this will continue
Over the last two years the company has generated significant cash flow that have bolstered our balance sheet and provided us with financial flexibility to drive long-term growth
We have maintained margins for the most part, and we have gained some volumes, so volumes are strong
ADM Investor Services results improved on higher net interest income
The milling business has been going, had a record year last year, and it continues to drive very strong
In our zeal to meet our customers' needs, we have created one of the strongest pantries in the industry
Importantly, our nutrition value proposition continues to be well received by customers as evidenced by our robust opportunity pipeline and industry leading win rates across key categories like flavors, dietary supplements and pep

Bearish Statements during earnings call

Lastly, we also had our own operation struggles that impacted our ability to deliver on the strong demand that we have created
Human Nutrition results of $417 million were 25% lower than the prior year as weaker volumes as well as increased costs related to operational challenges from the ERP implementation and unplanned Decatur downtime at Decatur East were partially offset by higher pricing
For the full year, AS&O delivered $4.1 billion in segment operating profit, 8% lower than the record level in 2022
Demand headwinds and destocking impacts, coupled with operational challenges related to the ERP systems integration pressured volumes
Animal nutrition results of $10 million were 91% lower compared to the prior year, primarily driven by lower volumes and the normalization of amino acid pricing
At a high level, operating profit was primarily down year-over-year in Ag Services & Oilseeds and Nutrition
The implementation of ERP systems over the course of the year led to complications in shipping and producing products, negatively impacting both volumes and manufacturing costs
For the full year Carbohydrate Solutions segment operating profit was $1.4 billion 3% lower versus the record prior year
In Nutrition, revenues of $7.2 billion for the full year were 6% lower versus the prior year
For Nutrition, 2023 representing a combination of challenging market forces, some specific non-recurring events and some misses on demand fulfillment
Secondly, one-time items amounted to $64 million during the year, accounting for over a quarter of the total segment decline in operating profit
It was a successful implementation, but some of the modules that were about shipping products gave us trouble during the last quarter of the year
For the full year Nutrition segment operating profit was $427 million, 36% lower versus the prior year
Market forces accounted for a majority of the deterioration in 2023 and as previously mentioned, this was mostly related to lower demand and plant-based proteins, destocking impacts in beverages and lower premix and completely demand which impacted volumes across the industry
In Human Nutrition volumes declined due to lower market demand for plant-based proteins, destocking impacts in beverages, and operational challenges related to the ERP system implantation
In global trade, destabilization of trade flows led to lower results compared to an exceptional 2022
In Animal Nutrition, lower complete feed and premix volumes, the normalization of amino acid markets and demand fulfillment challenges in Pet Solutions led to lower revenue versus 2022
Adjusted segment operating profit was $6.2 billion for the full year, a 6% decrease versus the prior year
In AS&O, we anticipate the first quarter to be lower and the full year to also be lower versus comparable prior periods as increased global commodity supply and normalization of margins will weigh on the segment
Nutrition had a very difficult year with results well below our expectations, and we have been working aggressively to change this and return to growth

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