We've tried to summarize the data from some of the stock subreddits here into different categories. The categories are Recent Posts, Due Diligence (DD), Discussions or News. The News here is usually not the news in media but still very relevant information.

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Dec-16-2021 $AHPI AHPI Short squeeze score rose from 93 to 97.90, from #7 TO #4 on the SS list . Still 25 percent shorted. PT: 6 ->7 -> 8.5 -> maybe 14? ADGI sympathy play too. (ADGI ran up 120 percent today) SqueezePlays 13.37
Dec-06-2021 Top BioTech stocks worth watching based on indirect performance indicators wallstreetbets 32.58

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Mar-30-2022 On the radar to watch... Shortsqueeze 5.43
Dec-17-2021 $ADGI Adagio Therapeutics tells you how crazy the market is Shortsqueeze 14.18
Dec-17-2021 #ADGI went +100% and took a 180 degree turn after good news and went up $14-15 last night. stocks 14.18

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