We've tried to summarize the data from some of the stock subreddits here into different categories. The categories are Recent Posts, Due Diligence (DD), Discussions or News. The News here is usually not the news in media but still very relevant information.

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Nov-04-2021 Supply Chain Crisis: Watch List Vitards 6.52

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Dec-31-2021 eVTOL SPACs are ripe for puts wallstreetbets 6.01
Oct-30-2021 PIPE to Float Chart (10/30/2021) - HUMA EFFECT 10/25, BKSY S-1 10/25, LILM EFFECT 10/27, ACHR EFFECT 10/26, SHPW EFFECT 10/27, VLD EFFECT 10/28, ARBE S-1 10/29, MIR S-1 10/27 SPACs 5.70
Oct-24-2021 PIPE to Float Chart (10/23/2021) - IONQ S-1/A 10/22, VLD S-1 10/21, ML EFFECT 10/22, ACHR S-1/A 10/22, LFG EFFECT 10/21, TMC EFFECT 10/21, HUMA S-1/A 10/21 SPACs 6.71
Sep-24-2021 LILM, JOBY, ACHR .... eVOTLs wallstreetbets 9.22

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Dec-09-2021 Appleā€™s self-driving car project loses three more key engineers after a string of management departures stocks 7.19
Nov-23-2021 FT Article on SPACs: The Spac machine sputters back to life after dramatic meltdown SPACs 5.79