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But in terms of color as we both were commenting on in various ways, got good visibility towards our current year outlook in terms of our guidance for the year and towards that 20% top-line growth rate that we've been speaking about consistently
We've got good visibility to that number
Third, the demand environment for our solutions remains strong
And so that's been very consistent over the years and our performance has been extraordinarily consistent as well
And that at that point, we're going to be in a place where we're well positioned to grow our business within the government
First, revenue and adjusted EBITDA were both ahead of our guidance for Q2
You know, it's very well studied that patients get better outcomes if they see their PCP within 48 hours of discharge from the hospital
Revenue highlights in the quarter were marked by continued strength in our virtual primary care and mental health offerings and some early recognition of performance-based revenues
The demand environment remains strong and the selling season continues at a solid pace
This projection for fiscal Q4, combined with our fiscal year-to-date performance on our bottom-line, give us visibility and confidence in our projections for 2% to 4% adjusted EBITDA positive in fiscal year 2025 and growing profitably thereafter
We're seeing strength in advocacy's expert medical opinion and customers taking advantage of our Accolade Care service
And Allen, to your question about GLP-1, both Raj and I had some elements of comments in here that, overall, this has been a driver of interest and strength around our -- particularly around our primary care capabilities that consumers and employees of our commercial customers have inquired about and sought advice and prescriptions for that
This is reflective of continued interest in our category and our ability to win more than our fair share of the market with our differentiated personalized healthcare suite
The positive performance versus our guidance reflects the revenue overperformance as well as a keen focus on spend management as we continue on our path to profitability
But I think what we are really positive about here as we think about the strength of the performance of the Company on the back of a diversified platform, that in any given quarter is not dependent upon outsized growth in any one of those
And we expect that we're really excited about this particular opportunity
As Raj mentioned in his prepared remarks, the selling season has been -- the demand environment is strong, selling season we've had several good wins
We view these partnerships has incredible opportunities to drive sustainable growth for years to come
Our win rate remains strong as evidenced by our growth in bookings over the last several years
Selling season continues right through here, but we've got good visibility to that for the end of this fiscal year and then visibility towards our 20% long-term growth rate that we've spoken about for next year in particular
Why are our win rates strong? Because we are deeply differentiated from the rest of the market
Revenue highlights in the second quarter included strong contributions across our offerings, reflecting the strength of a diversified personalized healthcare platform with multiple revenue streams
Jailen, I think, one, we're continuing to see a strong demand environment
Virtual primary care business growing faster than 20%
Our value proposition is built off of our incredible capabilities from an advocacy perspective that we've built over the years, now adding the incremental services and the incremental capabilities associated with physicians, behavioral health specialists, and specialists associated with our expert medical opinion service
That said, demand continues to be strong
Importantly, the advocacy offering continues to grow at attractive rates, the same with medical -- extra medial opinion and primary care all growing along the lines of those growth rates we outlined in the past and certainly in depth on our Investor Day
We factor into our guidance historical performance and what we're seeing this year as well into the guidance and have good confidence in that number and we'll certainly report back on how we progress there
Accolade's treating physicians are uniquely positioned to connect brick and mortar physicians with members' benefit and pharmacy coverage through claims and benefits specialists
We've seen strength across verticals and customer size

Bearish Statements during earnings call

Adjusted EBITDA in the second quarter of fiscal 2024 was a loss of $8.8 million
I think even perhaps in one of your theses recently about some supply constraints happening that may affect some of those prescriptions and for us, visits
But because of the access issues, a lot of times people weren't able to see their doctors in that shorter period of time
First, in a traditional employer sales driven by ex-installment RFP in the strategic and enterprise account space, our competitors remain the usual suspects we've talked about in the past
We have heard this year that there has been some delay in employer decision-making in terms of deciding on benefits for next year
Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause the actual results for Accolade to differ materially from those expressed or implied on this call
My bad
I guess is there anything to call out related to the GLP-1 dynamic, and why GLP-1-related activity declined quarter-over-quarter? Thanks
Recently, we've also fielded a number of questions about GLP-1 drugs and their impacts on our business
And in fiscal Q2, we also recognized approximately $2 million in performance guarantee-related revenue earlier-than-expected
As it relates to the first question, increasing trend line is always an issue, but also true, and it's been -- is increasingly true post the 2020 pandemic and shutdown, is that healthcare is becoming increasingly complex

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