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Bullish Statements during Earnings call

We have been able to build some positive momentum in our business as China and the rest of the world continue to operate in a post-pandemic near normal type of environment, which enabled us to fully resume in-person instruction at our network of training centers and offer our overseas summer programs for the first time since 2020, bringing more than 100 students to various countries of interest and allowing them to receive an immersive experience in creative art study and application
We were pleased to see a positive momentum from the first half of the year continued into the second half with encouraging operating results coming from our core portfolio training services business
Gross margin improved to 45.1% from 42.8% in the prior year period
We were pleased with our solid financial performance for the third quarter 2023, reporting a 14.1% increase in net revenue, primarily as a result of increased contribution from portfolio training and research-based learning services as we were able to resume in-person overseas summer camp this summer for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020
As a result, ACG achieved a solid 14.1% increase in total net revenues, improved gross margin and significantly narrowed losses during the third quarter of 2023
Gross margin improved to 49.2% during third quarter 2023 compared to 45.1% in the prior year period
And we are pleased that participating students received positive feedback from the brands they work with
We are incredibly and proud of all the hard work our students have put in to yield these impressive results, and we are grateful to have be a part of their journey
The successful delivery of these programs have reinforced our belief that ACG is fulfilling a growth in demand for overseas learning programs, and we are excited to continue presenting these opportunities to our students in the future
During this quarter, ACG also reported positive cash flow from operations which increased our cash and cash equivalents by 19.1% to RMB65.5 million
Sima mentioned, our students have received tremendous success with offers for a number of renowned schools worldwide, and we look forward to helping this next class of students garner similar success in 2024
And given the tremendous and positive reception, we look forward to plan and execute more overseas research-based learning programs in the future, providing attractive and rapid learning programs on a variety of our topics
Revenues from research-based learning services earned more than double from the prior year period, and we have been thrilled with enthusiasm and positive student feedback received thus far increasing in revenues coupled with decreased operating expenses enabled them to significant narrow losses during the quarter
It is a critical time for many of our students and watching our teaching staff working closely with them to finalize and perfect their portfolios have been truly exciting
We continue to be in a solid financial position with US$9 million in cash and cash equivalents
At ACG, we strive to provide our students with the best-in-class support in the respective art field as well as during the admission process
Our competency stems from a deep understanding and constant monitoring of the market and academic trends, and experienced teaching teams with a proven track record and our continuous efforts in forming and maintaining our institutional partner network
During the period, portfolio training credit hours delivered increases 24.1% to 44,723 with credit hours delivered for project-based programs, increasing nearly 35% year-over-year
We remain focused on providing our students with carefully curated class offerings and believe we are in a position where we can execute our growth strategy by leveraging our advantage
We believe this demonstrates that our students have been leveraging ACG's teaching resources more efficiently as project-based credit hours account for 69.5% of our portfolio training credit hours delivered
Net revenue increased 7.6% to RMB138 million from RMB128.3 million in the prior year period
We were excited to bring these offerings back in this year
This was primarily driven by increasing revenues earned from portfolio training and research-based learning services
For years, we have worked to become a leading player in China's creative arts education industry
We remain committed to serving students and enable these types of positive education and career outcomes for those wishing to pursue our study
Total portfolio training credit hours delivered increased by 24.1% in third quarter 2023 where the number of students enrolled increasing from 616 to 651 year-over-year
Total net revenues for third quarter 2023 increased 14.1% to RMB59.9 million compared to RMB52.1 million in the third quarter of 2022
On top of these capabilities, we are focused on providing relevant, high-quality offerings that are substantial in content, which we believe lies at the center of our business growth
The increase in gross margin was primarily due to increased net revenues compared to the prior year period
Net loss attributable to ACG narrowed to RMB42.2 million compared to RMB49.9 million, primarily due to increased revenues and decreased operating expenses

Bearish Statements during earnings call

Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in these forward-looking statements are reasonable as of today, those statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ dramatically from those projected

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